Your Guide to Secondary School Admission: The English Advantage in Achievement Level (AL) Scores and Rankings

Unlocking the Key to Secondary School Admission Success

As a parent, you aspire to secure the best possible educational journey for your child, and that journey often starts with choosing the right secondary school. Yet, amidst the plethora of considerations, one aspect often overlooked is the role of English in this equation.

The Untold Secret: English and Your Child’s AL Score

It’s a common misconception that academic success is solely about excelling in subjects like Math and Science. While these subjects are undoubtedly crucial, what many parents and students don’t realise is that English plays an equally significant role in shaping your child’s future through secondary school admission. Here’s why:

Achievement Level (AL) Scores in English Matter

The recent shift in the PSLE scoring system to the Achievement Level (AL) model has significantly altered the educational landscape. Unlike the old PSLE T-score system where the stronger subjects can cover a child’s weaker-performing subject, each subject is now scored individually based on the new AL system. 

English: The Competitive Edge

One of the biggest mistakes made by both parents and students is the oversight of the importance of English. In the race for the best AL scores, English often takes a backseat to subjects like Math and Science. However, it’s English that can give your child the greatest competitive advantage.

Why English Matters Most

  1. Universally Relevant:

English is not just another subject; it’s a life skill. Good English proficiency is essential for success in all subjects, not to mention in daily life. When your child excels in English, it automatically boosts their performance in other subjects.

  1. Communication Skills:

In the 21st century, effective communication is a key skill. Your child’s ability to articulate thoughts and ideas in English will set them apart, not just academically, but also in future careers.

  1. Competitive Admission:

As we explore the latest AL scores and rankings for secondary school admission, you’ll notice that English often has a significant influence on a child’s PSLE score. It’s not just about obtaining good AL scores in Math and Science; a strong AL score in English can be the decisive factor if your child can get into their preferred school.

Top 15 Integrated Programmes (IP) and Top 30 Express / Normal Secondary School Rankings

To help you understand the landscape your child is navigating, here are the latest rankings for Integrated Programmes (IP) and Express/Normal courses:

Integrated Programmes (IP) – Top 15 Secondary School Ranking:

School PSLE Score Range for 2022
Methodist Girls’ School (Secondary) (IP) 4-6
Raffles Girls’ School (Secondary) 4-6
Raffles Institution (Secondary) 4-6
Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) 4-7
CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School (IP) 4(D) – 7(M)
Hwa Chong Institution 4(D) – 7(M)
Nanyang Girls’ High School 4(D) – 7(D)
National Junior College 4-7
Catholic High School (IP) 4 – 8(M)
Cedar Girls’ Secondary School (IP) 4-8
Dunman High School (IP) 5(D) – 8(M)
Singapore Chinese Girls’ School (IP) 5-8
St. Joseph’s Institution (IP) 4-8
Victoria School (IP) 5-8
River Valley High School (IP) 4(M) – 9(M)
Temasek Junior College (IP) 5-9

Express/Normal – Top 30 Secondary School Ranking:

No School Express Normal (Academic) Normal (Technical)
1 Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) 7-8    
2 CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School 5-8    
3 Methodist Girls’ School (Secondary) 6-8    
4 Singapore Chinese Girls’ School 5-8    
5 Catholic High School 7(D)-9(M)    
6 Cedar Girls’ Secondary School 5-9>    
7 Anderson Secondary School 5-10 21-22 25-26
8 Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road) 7-10 21-21 25-28
Fairfield Methodist School (Secondary)
8-10 21-21 25-26
10 Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Secondary School 8-10 21-23 26-30*
11 St. Andrew’s Secondary School 9-10 21-22 25-27
12 St. Joseph’s Institution 7-10    
13 Victoria School 7-10    
14 CHIJ Secondary (Toa Payoh) 7-11 21-22 25-27
15 Chung Cheng High School (Main) 6(M)-11(M)    
16 Nan Hua High School 6(D)-11    
17 Swiss Cottage Secondary School 6-11 21-22 25-26
18 Bukit Panjang Govt. High School 5-12 21-22 25-26
19 Crescent Girls’ School 6-12    
20 Nan Chiau High School SAP 5(D)-12    
21 Chung Cheng High School (Yishun) 4-13 21-22 25-27
22 Ngee Ann Secondary School 6-13 21-21 25-26

Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School (Secondary)

9-13 21-23 25-30*
24 Temasek Secondary School 6-13 21-22 25-26
25 Yishun Town Secondary School 8-13 21-22 25-27
26 Anglican High School 6(M)-14(P)    
27 CHIJ St. Joseph’s Convent 9-14 21-22 25-26
28 Clementi Town Secondary School 10-14 21-23 25-27
29 Fuhua Secondary School 5-14 21-23 25-28
30 Maris Stella High School 8(P)-14(P)    


Preparing Your Child for English Excellence

To ensure your child’s success in the competitive landscape of secondary school admission, consider our Primary English tuition. Our unique “Formula-Style” teaching method makes learning English structured, systematic, and step-by-step, much like how students approach Math or Science.

The First Step: Schedule a Diagnostic Consultation & Assessment (DCA) Session

Unlocking your child’s full potential begins with a Diagnostic Consultation & Assessment (DCA) session with our Language Specialist. This personalised assessment identifies your child’s strengths and areas for improvement, allowing us to create a tailored learning plan for their success.

Don’t Overlook the Power of English

In the quest for a brighter educational future, remember not to overlook the power of English. Achieving a high AL score in English can be the key to securing admission to the best secondary schools. 

With our specialised PSLE English tuition support focusing on English exam prep, your child can excel and gain a significant advantage in this competitive journey. Schedule a DCA session today and give them the competitive edge.