What Swimming And Learning English Have In Common?
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Parents, stop and think about this – 

What does learning swimming and learning the English Language have in common?

They’re more similar than you’d think.

Would you expect your child to jump into a pool for the first time and start swimming like Joseph Schooling? 🏊‍♂

With every single stroke controlled, calculated and graceful like a trained professional?

You know it’s not possible….

Simply because a swimmer has to first master the various techniques and components such as:

✔ Breathing

✔ Posture

✔ Hand & leg coordination

✔ Various swimming styles

Only when they have learnt and practised the right techniques and methods, can they make it look easy and complete their laps effortlessly.


And just like how swimming has specific techniques, it is crucial for your child to first learn and master these 6 core  skills of English if they want to “make it look easy!”

psle english


psle english


psle english


psle english


psle english


psle english


Here at EduEdge, we may not train swimmers, but we’ve supported a pool of over 1,800+ Primary, Secondary and Junior College students to achieve English & GP Mastery and attain their Bs & As with our unique “Formula-Style” teaching method!

And that’s because we can confidently say that we know the English & GP syllabus in and out.

psle english
Our teaching method helps students master the above 6 core skills and 32 sub-skills they need to excel in English.

With over 15 formulas that students can learn and apply, tackling the English exams becomes structured, just like breaking down a simple swimming technique.

Students who were previously stuck and confused because of the lack of structure can now dive into an easy, proven system to learn English!

And the results speak for themselves…

🔝Secondary Student Results:

✅ Students Who Improved by 2 or more grades: 80.5%
✅ Students Who Achieved B3, A2 & A1: 72.1% 

🔝 Primary Student Results 

✅ Students Who Improved by 2 or more grades: 80.3%
✅ Students Who Achieved A/A* For PSLE English: 80%


🔝 Junior College General Paper Results:

GP: 82.7% of Our Students Achieved A / B For Their A-Level GP 
✅ An Amazing 3-6 Grade Jump From Their Initial E/S/U Grades!

We are able to achieve such results as no other centre comes close to providing such complete and comprehensive tuition support for your child to master English.

Eduedge offers English tuition for all levels. If you are searching for English tutors, look no further, we specialise in PSLE, O-level english tuition and A level english tuition. Our tuition teachers are a blend of MOE-certified and full-time tutors prepared to equip students with the confidence to understand English. 

For the betterment of our students, we provide comprehensive teaching materials in all components such as reading, speaking, vocab, writing, listening and grammar, core components of the examinations. More importantly, we offer customised diagnostics and personalised feedback, as we value understanding through the lens of the student and the English tuition Singapore environment. 
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Start your English learning journey today by contacting us. Help will be available beyond class hours through Whatsapp or face to face consultations.