Here are 3 Top Tips That Will Help Pull up your GP Grades

Here are 3 Top Tips That Will Help Pull up your GP Grades

Hey Students!

As you are fully aware, GP is characterised by a multitude of essay questions, but the essay themes generally remain the same.

So what you can do, as your game plan, is to pre-select themes/topics that you feel strongly about in terms of your viewpoints, and do further readings on these.

Focus on:

  • Expressing your opinions clearly
  • Learning how to use the right evidence to back up your points

And the alternative ways to improve on both these points are to –

i) Read Voraciously  

One way to improve your English skills is through immersion in the language. 

Familiarise yourself with good writing – look for academic-grade articles, opinion pieces and argumentative essays.

But if this somehow feels more like a chore, you can always opt to read actual books. 

It’s important to keep in mind that you’re writing an argumentative essay, so it’s best to stick to non-fiction. 

Research has shown sizeable evidence that readers 

  • Experience greater success academically than their non-reading counterparts
  • Experience greater success in the workforce 

So GP Students, it’s time now to inculcate good reading habits! You’re setting yourself up for success in GP and your career.

ii) Listen to Podcasts/ Speeches and Debates

Reading is just one way to immerse yourself in well-written pieces of work or books.  

Listening to podcasts with an argumentative slant and breaking down how such arguments are formed, duly supported and justified, can give you invaluable insights when planning your essays. 

Podcasts are ideated and built around a structure intended to primarily keep audiences engaged, which can translate to added points when adopted in your own writing.

If you want to seriously improve your language skills and take it one step further, you can partake in “shadowing” – speaking along with what you’re listening to. This also helps you to process what you’re listening to. 

iii) Exposure To Hand-picked Topics in Different Mediums

Immerse yourself in and develop a wide exposure to hand-picked topics.

It’s important to note that it’s only natural not to fully absorb articles and news that you aren’t particularly interested in. 

This boils down to how essential it is in choosing the right topics that you’re passionate about to focus on.

If you’re really keen on a particular topic, you’d willingly seek out related knowledge or information. 

And where content is concerned, even though very targeted, is infinite when you surf the Internet. 

Also, keep yourself updated with:

Newspaper articles


News articles are generally informative and well-written, with a lot of attention spent on the way such writing is structured and presented, all to keep the audience interested and engaged.

As there’s never a shortage of content in the news, use them to build context when you are writing your GP essays.

YouTube Videos

As you know, most Youtube videos are developed around meaningless content, with the aim of keeping the audience mindlessly entertained.

But if you were to look at such videos from a much deeper level through making a bee-line  specifically for informative videos, these are generally well-designed to present facts in an appealing and well-scripted manner. 

There are indeed invaluable learning points related to the way messages are conveyed and, at the same time, delivering relevant context for your next essay. 


While YouTube videos are effective when you want to quickly watch a couple of short informative clips, documentaries, on the other hand, delve deeply into a specific topic.

Many students may wrongly assume that documentaries are dead boring. But in fact, there is a mind-boggling array of documentaries which are eye-openers – covering wide-ranging topics from migrant worker issues globally, to unearthing never-before-seen discoveries from the distant past.

One important consideration is the distinctive yet interesting and refreshing structures that the documentary adopts to present its information, as well as the varied perspectives it takes on the issue. 

Watching documentaries widens your world-view as well as gives you indispensable insights into how you can cleverly present information clearly and creativity for your GP.

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