Our Team

Meet Our Team Of Language Specialists

Teaching team

Primary Team

Mr Jimmy Loh / Mr Lee Min Xuan / Ms Lee Jia Hui / Ms Ariel

Secondary Team

Mr Amos Mok / Mr Low Jian Hung / Ms Zhou Yijun / Mr Derek Ong / Mr Ong Wee Kiat / Mr Benjamin Png / Ms Juel Sim

Junior College Team

Mr Gordon Magherra / Ms Eunice Goh / Mr Hazim Shafarudin / Ms Shea Jan Va / Mr Giggs Teo

At EduEdge, we are not just tutors or teachers.

We are Language Specialists who specialise in the teaching of the English Language & General Paper.

On top of that, our highly specialised team further refines their professional craft to specialise in the teaching of the Primary, Secondary and Junior College divisions respectively.

What this means is that EduEdge Specialists have such an in-depth knowledge of the syllabus and high-level mastery of their teaching that they are unmatched by any other tutor or teacher.


Our Management Team

Mr Edmund Ong (Admin & Ops Manager) / Ms Eunice Goh (Subject Head / JC General Paper) / Ms Rowena Yue (Co-Founder & Vice-Principal) / Mr Edwin Edangelus Cheng (Founder & Principal) / Mr Lee Min Xuan (Subject Head / PRI English) / Mr Derek Ong (Subject Head / SEC English)

Our Management Team, under the guidance of our Founder and Principal, Mr Edwin Edangelus Cheng, has a combined teaching experience of over 50 years. 

The team focuses on developing curriculum, lesson planning, staff development, and making sure that the EduEdge teaching methodology, techniques, and strategies are always leaps and bounds ahead of what’s available elsewhere. 

Spending over 1,000 hours each year refining EduEdge’s curriculum and the “Formula-Style’ methodology, they are the reason why our level of teaching will never be found or be able to be replicated anywhere else. 

The deep work they put into each lesson is the reason that we’ve been able to achieve such a high success rate with our students over the years. 

Admin & Operations

To make sure that students have top-rated learning support, having a strong teaching team is not enough.

Our Admin and Operations Team form the backbone of the EduEdge day-to-day operations, making sure that each parent and student who walk through our doors have the utmost level of attentiveness, care, and support given to them.

They are the people who are always on standby to solve problems for parents and make sure that every aspect of your child’s learning is taken care of at EduEdge –

They’re also the reason why over thousands of parents and students choose EduEdge with a big smile on their faces!


Our English Language Experts are handpicked to join the EduEdge team through a stringent process. 

Then, they go through years of training by our founder, Mr Cheng himself. Through our high-quality training, their grasp of the syllabus is unlike any other English teacher you’ll find. 

With a strong track record in their own English (they all come from a strong English background, and one of them was, in fact, a PSLE Scholar with a T-Score of 268!), they are able to teach students in a way that students understand well, making lessons engaging, enjoyable, and more importantly – helps students improve quickly in time for their exams.

Students say that they love the EduEdge English Language Specialists because of how they have their best interests at heart, and teach them amazing methods that make learning English much easier. 

Compared to the national average of 25% Distinction (A1/ A2) rate, our Specialists have achieved a 45% rate for our students!