Our Unique Methodology

Learn English & GP with Formulas

EduEdge’s Formula-Style Approach: A Faster And Easier Way To Learn English And General Paper

At EduEdge, we’ve developed the “Total English Mastery System (TEMS)” – A collection of “formulas” that breaks the English Language down into easy-to-apply and easy-to-remember formulas, just like learning Math and Science!

And we are Singapore’s First and Only Language Specialists with this revolutionary method.
With TEMS, any students will be able to learn English faster and more effectively, and score higher in their exams. TEMS has helped more than 1,800 students improved at least 2 grades in their exams to B3, A2 and A1, even when they used to struggle in English badly.

There are 6 different core language skills (the blue ring in the middle) that your child must master before he can have a good command of English, which are:

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Reading skills


Writing skills


Listening skills


Speaking skills


These core skills may be further divided into 32 sub-skills (the multi-coloured spokes) that make it easier for your child to learn and master the core skills.


We’ve developed specific exam formulas that make it easy for your child to apply the sub-skills directly to exams questions and score high marks.

Each of these core skills , sub-skills and formulas can be practised easily.

Using this structure, learning English becomes much more systemised and scoring well in exams is much easier and more predictable.

The TEMS method to learn English works so well that even a school Principal wrote this about Mr Edwin Cheng’s contribution!

But most importantly, it’s about helping students learn better and get better results. 

Just take a look at the amazing transformations our students experienced when they started using the TEMS method to learn English and tackle their PSLE, GCE N, O & A-Level national exams.


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