Here’s Why General Paper Tuition Should Never Be Overlooked (And why it might be the key to your competitive admission advantage for university)
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Hey students! In the blink of an eye, it’s already September and you’re more than 8 months into your JC1 / JC2 year.

This means that by now, you’d have realised: 

Even if you’ve scored good grades for English back then during your GCE ‘O’ Level exams ≠ doesn’t mean that you’ll score well for your General Paper (GP) exams. 😂

Compared to English, you face a much steeper learning curve to even score a decent grade for GP.

Here’s why GP is a different ball game…

For GP:

gp tuition

  1. There’s a greater emphasis on your critical thinking skills and depth of thought, and not just your command of the English Language.

(If you ‘winged’ your way through O-level English by memorising essays or practising on assessment books, you will find that these ‘methods’ won’t work anymore!)

gp tuition

  1. GP requires you to spend considerable time reading to expand your general knowledge and be able to present well-researched, well-supported arguments.

gp tuition

Problem is: We understand that JC students’ schedules are both hectic and packed.

Coupled with the steep learning curve that GP presents, it’s no wonder that you might be scoring D’s or E’s despite your best efforts. 😅

That’s a big problem – Even though GP is a H1 subject, it’s also one of your most important but often highly overlooked subjects.

Most students tend to not realise the importance of GP, but instead turn their attention to other H2 subjects, like H2 Maths which require more “urgent attention”.

Now… That’s an ill-advised strategy to adopt. ❌

Your GP grade is used in the computation of your Rank Points (RP)

That means that even if you happen to score well in other subjects, but do poorly in GP… 

Your chances of admission into your preferred university course might be in real jeopardy!

gp tuition

I’m sure you’ve heard many horror stories of students who score ‘A’ for their Maths and Sciences but end up scoring mediocre grades (C /  D / E) for GP or can’t even obtain a pass (S / U). 😞

These students end up in a course that isn’t really what they want… with some even ending up having to retake the whole A-Level exams as a private candidate! 

(Unlike your O-Levels, you can’t retake subjects individually at the A-Levels… You have to retake all of them in a single seating as universities only recognise a full A-Level certificate!)

So as you can see, your GP grades are vital and should never be overlooked. 

And that’s why GP Tuition is necessary in helping students achieve your ideal admission and progression into your university life. 

Considering how tough JC life is, the right GP tuition support will greatly help you shorten your learning curve to master all the skills and strategies to score well in GP.

Wouldn’t you want to work smart? 😊

This is why GP Tuition will give you the competitive edge you need.

gp tuition

Here at EduEdge, we’ve developed a structured method that helps students master the crucial GP concepts and skills, in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step approach that actually makes learning GP easy for any student.

We call this approach the: “Formula-Style” Learning Method!

With this method, we’ve seen students who were previously struggling in the subject (scoring D / E / S / U),

Experience a significant improvement to their GP grades and start scoring their As / Bs within a short time!

Our Junior College General Paper Results:

gp tuition

✅ GP: 82.7% of Our Students Achieved A / B For Their A-Level GP

gp tuition

✅ An Amazing 3-6 Grade Jump From Their Initial E/S/U Grades!

But of course, while EduEdge is able to accelerate any student’s learning, General Paper is still a skills-based subject.

That means that while we can’t promise you overnight success… but if you are willing to follow our proven curriculum and structures,

You’ll be able to quickly develop the key skills to tackle GP more effectively than ever and gain the edge you need in your critical exams. 


It all starts here! EduEdge is inviting you to our Fully-Sponsored Private 1-1 Coaching Session (PCS)!

Our team of GP Specialists will dedicate 1 hour of their time to give you an exclusive 1-1 private coaching session to personally experience EduEdge’s “Formula-Style” Learning Method!

Our GP Specialists will personally analyse your most recent GP paper to identify and diagnose your key strengths and areas for improvement, 

AND delve deep into the key areas that you must know to score your best ever GP grade.

From just this one session, we’ve seen students who have that AHA moment as they now have a proper Game Plan to improve their failing GP grade to a respectable B / A!

So if you’re looking to improve your grades quickly for GP and find breakthroughs in your overall Rank Points (RP), come by.


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