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GP one to one coaching session
GP one to one coaching session

The exact requirements of the question and answer systematically without going out of point.

GP one to one coaching session

Brainstorm ideas from different perspectives easily and quickly for a balanced argument.

GP one to one coaching session

Make your arguments more coherent and persuasive.

GP one to one coaching session

Pick out the correct clues and points from the comprehension passage to provide accurate and complete answers, especially for the Application Question (AQ).

GP one to one coaching session

Incorporate relevant examples at appropriate parts of your argument to sufficiently support your stand. (No more memorising content just for the sake of memorising)

GP one to one coaching session

Structure your paragraphs, organise your thoughts and elaborate on points with ease.

GP one to one coaching session

Exam strategies to maximise the limited time in the exam, especially for Paper 2.

GP one to one coaching session

Be more productive and effective when studying GP because all the relevant content and how they should be strategically used in essays and AQ have been summarised into bite-sized portions for ease of reference.

GP one to one coaching session

Overcome your psychological barriers and feel confident on the day of the exams for Papers 1 & 2.



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At EduEdge, here’s how we’ve designed our JC GP Mastery Programme to make SCORING ‘a’ for GP A BREEZE.

EDGE 1: Unique Formula-Style Teaching Method

The SECRET why so many students have improved on our programme is because they’ve learnt and applied a unique method to studying GP.

Known as the “Formula-Style” method, this method helps students answer the Paper 1 Essay or Paper 2 Comprehension, Summary or Application Question (AQ) in a step-by-step and structured approach.

Many students who’ve been on our programme were surprised that GP can be approached systematically just like Math and Science!

They have never come across anything like this because these techniques were not taught in school or anywhere else.

What Teacher Eunice has covered today is just the tip of the iceberg – other than the Pastor Edwards Thinking Domain, PO(CO)S² – there are many other unique formulas that you can master so that you’ll be able to see significant grade jumps in your GP grade!

When you are on our programme, you will learn the SECRET too and personally witness for yourself how easy it is to apply our Formulas and Techniques to transform your own GP grades!

GP one to one coaching session
GP one to one coaching session

EDGE 2: Precise & Personalised Feedback

No two students are alike and as such their learning needs for GP differ as well.

At EduEdge, we give you customised one-on-one feedback on all the work you submit and recommend concrete actionable steps so you know how to improve.

You’ll know exactly which areas you need to work on and how to boost your grades.

Think of it as having your very own game plan or roadmap which outlines the shortest and fastest way to reach your GP GOAL successfully.

EDGE 3: Plug and Play Bite-Sized Content

We understand that being a JC student is never easy. Keeping up with your busy schedule is already a huge challenge.

That’s why the last thing you will need for GP is to be given more thick stacks of content notes to memorise.

It’s never about how much content you know. It’s all about how you use these content effectively.

That’s why when you are on our programme, we will provide you with the right content in just the right doses.

Our students absolutely love our GP Content LiveBinder which provides a summary of all the most important must-know examples and case studies which can be applied to any GP topic.

The best part is these contents are presented visually in bite-sized format and in the form of infographics, making them easier to understand and remember with less effort.

You will even learn the important implications of each critical piece of information or evidence so you know exactly how to use it and where to use it in your arguments to wow your Cambridge Markers!

GP one to one coaching session

By equipping students with these 3 Distinctive EDGES, our GP Specialists have been able to help 82.7% of our JC cohort achieve A/B for their GP in A-Levels!

GP one to one coaching session

2,000 students impacted!

GP one to one coaching session

94.5% improvement rate!

GP one to one coaching session

82.7% of students score a/b!

Students, BEFORE YOU GO…
Here’s WHY we want to support you further.

The techniques that you’ll learn from this resource are just a few of the many proven techniques that we’ve carefully developed on how to score well for paper 1 – and it’s the first step to your journey of scoring As for GP.

In this resource, we cover how to pick the right essay question using question analysis and adopt the smarter way to score for your Paper 1 essays.

Unfortunately, we all know GP Paper 1 goes way deeper than just question analysis and choosing the right essay questions… After all, there’s only so much we can cover in a 50+ minute video. There’s still so much more to cover.

Oftentimes, students face many other challenges in Essay writing such as : 

GP one to one coaching session

Information overload and convoluted thoughts by the thick stacks of content notes and bulletins given by their school to read

GP one to one coaching session

Not taught on how to form persuasive arguments, leverage on structures or techniques to tackle the paper components (often it is just lectures, class discussion and yes, MORE content again!)

GP one to one coaching session

Not taught on how to provide balanced analysis, attack and weaken opponent’s point of view – getting lost and confused… and unable to find support from teachers for it, because it is commonly assumed that JC students should be independent learners and thus, are left to figure things out on their own and to “sink” or “swim”

GP one to one coaching session

The feedback received for essays is infrequent or so vague that students do not know what areas to improve in (just some ticks here or a few scribbles there – sounds familiar?)

GP one to one coaching session

Running out of time during their paper 1 which results in precious marks being lost or answers which are frantically pieced together

GP one to one coaching session

These are the exact things that students need to FIX, TO BE able to score ‘A’ consistently for GP.

Our GP Specialists will be delving deep into the key areas that every JC student must know to score well in our Private 1-1 Coaching Session.

This type of in-depth, personalised support for GP is hard to find anywhere else as it requires great time and effort.

That being said, this is how we show our commitment to students.

If you’re serious about improving in your GP, we’re serious about helping you.

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