GP Students: Find It Difficult To Score Your A/B?

Here’s A Simple, Stress-Free Way To Finally Achieve Your Good Grades For GP… 

With EduEdge’s Formula-Style Method That’s Specially Designed To Help Students Study For GP In A Systematic, Step-By-Step And Structured Way!

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Our GP Specialist will go through these key areas that will make learning GP crystal-clear for you immediately, even within one session:
How to understand the exact requirements of the GP essay questions and answer systematically without going out of point.
How to brainstorm ideas from different perspectives easily and quickly for a balanced argument.
How to structure paragraphs, organise thoughts and elaborate on points with ease.
How to incorporate relevant examples at appropriate parts of the argument to sufficiently support your stand. (No more memorising content just for the sake of memorising)
How to pick out the correct clues and points from the comprehension passage to provide accurate and complete answers, especially for the Application Question (AQ).

How to be more productive and effective when studying GP because all the relevant content and how they should be strategically used in essays and AQ have been summarised into bite-sized portions quick reference.

How to overcome psychological barriers and feel confident on the day of the exams for Papers 1 & 2.

Exam strategies to maximise the limited time in the exam, especially for Paper 2.
PLUS: We’ll show you how we’ve helped students jump from C / D / E / S grades to As & Bs using our unique method of mastering GP!




GP Tuition
GP Tuition

You might be thinking…

will this work for me?

nothing has worked before..

GP Tuition


Students Impacted

GP Tuition


Improvement Rate

GP Tuition


Achieve Their As/Bs

We’re fully confident in our method, and beyond that, we’re fully committed to going the extra mile for every student who walks through our doors.

These students were previously having trouble with the GP but because they took the right action… they finally achieved their A/Bs under our guidance!

Achieved A 3-Band IMPROVEMENT from E to B in the GCE A-Levels General Paper exams!

“EduEdge focuses a lot of these formulaic styles of teaching, which really sets the foundation for English or even General Paper (GP).

– Ho Jun Hao Kenneth | St. Andrew’s Junior College

Achieved A 4-Band IMPROVEMENT from D to A in the GCE A-Levels General Paper exams!

“…It helped me to address my personal issues with GP and just added even more value to my answers during exams.”

– Megan Tam | Raffles Junior College

Achieved A 4-Band IMPROVEMENT from S to B in the GCE A-Levels General Paper exams!

I really believe that what I’ve learnt from here (EduEdge)… it’s something that I can carry forward in my life and it would really help me in the future.

Pranav Krishna Prasad | Anderson Junior College

Achieved A 4-Band IMPROVEMENT from D to A in the GCE A-Levels General Paper exams!

“EduEdge comes up with formula-based methods to help you break down the passage and the questions.”

– Reena Chandini | National Junior College

Reena Chandini | National JC

3-Band Improvement from D to A

Megan Tam | Raffles Junior College

3-Band Improvement from D to A

We are an
MOE-Registered Centre

GP Tuition

Ministry Of Education

About eduedge learning hub

GP Tuition

EduEdge is Singapore’s First and Only Language Specialist with the revolutionary “Formula-Style” method to help students learn English and GP in a Step-By-Step and Systematic way, just like Math and Science.

With support from EduEdge, more than 2000 Primary, Secondary and JC students from over 120 schools have improved by 2 or more grades to achieve their As / Bs, even when they used to struggle in GP.

No other centre or programme in Singapore has this teaching method or comes close to our track record.

Students, With eduedge, you can score YOUR a’s for GP.

but in most cases, students still need time to get there.

they need to start,

and they need to start now.

90% of the students who’ve done badly in GP fail to have the urgency to fix it.


don’t let that happen to you.

We want you to be our next success story!