Attention JC 2 / IP Year 6 / Pre-U 3 Students Taking The A-Level JC GP Paper In 3 Months’ Time

Still performing averagely (D, E or S grades) for General Paper and unsure of how to improve?

This year, it’s been a tight squeeze leading up to the national exams – As learning has been heavily affected because of disruptions, there are only the next few months to catch up.

Read this to find out how to get that amazing breakthrough for General Paper,

improve dramatically (and fast!) and achieve the B or A that you deserve.

EduEdge’s Intensive Exam Preparatory Course Is Back For Our
9th Year To Help You Ace Your National Exams

Learn More In The Next 2 Months
Than 2 Years In School:

Singapore’s Top GP Specialists Will Intensify Learning For Students Who Want To Achieve Their BIGGEST BREAKTHROUGH for GP To B and A Grades.


From The Desk Of Mr Edwin Edangelus Cheng, Founder And Principal Of EduEdge:

Dear Concerned Students,

This has been a challenging year for learning.

Every student in Singapore had to adjust and adapt to learning amid the current situation, and their studies have been affected.

Not too long ago, students had to quickly adjust to the closure of schools, and the introduction of home-based learning.

Now, just when they’ve had time to settle in after schools re-opened again…

Students now find themselves in a race to make up for lost time and catch up with their learning.

Especially Students of graduating levels who are sitting for their national exams.

The A-Level national exams are drawing near, and there are only 3 months left.

In these next few weeks, we need to make sure that:

⦁ Every Student’s improvement for GP does not slow down.

⦁ Students do not stagnate and fall behind in their GP revision.

⦁ Students do not face challenges in their learning during this crucial period leading up to the national exams.

With the right support, these next few weeks will be the TURNING POINT for your General Paper, increasing your grades quickly to B or A in the coming months.

At this point in the year, it’s time to get serious, make up for lost time, and achieve your BEST GRADE ever for A-Level General Paper.


Our IEPC is conducted yearly by our team of English & GP Experts.

With a combined teaching experience of over 30 years, over 80% of our students see a vast improvement in their grades and achieve their B’s and A’s.

(Acclaimed & Trusted By Students and Parents)

  • Founder and Principal Master Specialist of EduEdge English & GP Specialists
  • Creator of the ‘Formula-Style’ Teaching Methodology to help students learn English, like Math and Science, using formulas
  • Former Subject Head of Curriculum Innovation (MOE-appointed)
  • Former Head of Department / English (School-appointed)
  • Research Activist-Certified endorsed by the Permanent Secretary (Education)
  • More than 17 years teaching experience (since 2001), educating over 2,000+ local and international students to date

under the guidance of mr cheng and his team of gp specialists, 82.7% of students

have achieved a b/a grade for the a-level general paper!

Jasveena had a lot of difficulties in General Paper at the start of her JC life. However, in JC2, her mom decided to send her to EduEdge, where she was able to master GP with EduEdge’s unique formula-style lessons, which helped her improve from E to A for her A-Levels! Jasveena’s older sister Reena, who was also with EduEdge previously, managed to improve from a D to an A for her A-Level GP!
jasveena gaya

jasveena gaya

Raffles Institution, (A Levels, E to A)

“In J2, my mom decided to enrol me into EduEdge to help me bring my grades up, and I found that the teaching method in Eduedge is very different from the way we learn things in school. I found that it really helped me elaborate a lot more on my points, and my paragraphs became more coherent!
Pranaav has been in EduEdge since Sec 4, and struggled with GP despite achieving an A for his English O-Levels. Thanks to Ms Eunice and her patient guidance, Pranaav managed to improve tremendously, and clinched a 4-grade jump to a B for his A-Levels!


Anderson Junior College, (A-Levels, S to B)

“I already had coaching from EduEdge since Sec 4, but GP was a completely different ball game. It has some similarities with the English language, yet really wasn’t the same thing, so I had to learn a lot more and Ms Eunice was patient with me and she really prepared us a lot for our GP!”
Rui Han was another student who has been with EduEdge since Sec 4. When he first entered JC, he faced some problems with getting help from his teachers. Thankfully, he was able to rely on Ms Eunice and her core team of GP Specialists who imparted him many useful techniques, and he managed to go from borderline passes to an A for A-Levels!
rui han

rui han

Hwa Chong Institution College, (A-Levels, E to A)

…[The notes EduEdge has given me] are super useful. They contain a lot of strategies like my favourite SPEAR, which helped me with my logical flow. In the end, I managed to score an A for my GP, and I would recommend EduEdge to students who are really “hopeless” in GP – getting Es, Ss, and Us – but are really hungry for that A or B.
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At EduEdge, students are introduced to skills in a step-by-step manner using formula-style strategies. ANY student can apply these strategies immediately to see significant grade improvements for all Paper Components of the General Paper. This means that students can FINALLY find GP to be a subject which is learnable, understandable and doable just like Maths or Science!


We recognise that each individual student comes with unique needs and learn at their own pace. As such, we ensure that each student has a personalised roadmap to help them tackle the subject. The feedback is specific and customised to each student, so it is not vague and they know exactly what areas they need to work on.




In school, students sit in lectures and learn in a group setting. At EduEdge, students are made to engage and discuss, work in groups, work in pairs, engage in lively debates and discussions. We encourage students to share their opinions with others to broaden their worldview and master communication of ideas in both the written as well as spoken forms. This is extremely crucial and directly translates into how students tackle and score for GP questions.

Updated & Revised


Intensive Exam Preparatory Course

(9th Intake)

The EduEdge GP-IEPC is the most comprehensive and complete English exam preparatory course / power revision programme available for JC students today. 

At this crucial part of the year, we’re back again for our 9th year to help you achieve your A’s for the A-Level General Paper.

This 2-month proven power revision programme fully prepares each and every student for the National exams with our Weekly Roadmap specially designed to guide you step-by-step right up to the exams.

Unlike a typical holiday programme that only occurs over a short period of time and thus, tends to be ‘touch and go’ (and sadly, ‘forget’), our IEPC is comprehensive, thorough, and covers every area of your learning all the way up to the A-Levels over a period of 2 months.

Every week, we tackle a different key revision area, making sure you can take full advantage of the time that you have left.

If you follow our IEPC power revision roadmap, you WILL improve quickly in this last stretch and ace your national papers – Just like how we’ve done for the past 9 years.

Here’s what we’re covering in our IEPC 2021:

⦁ 10 weeks of carefully designed lessons to provide FULL & COMPLETE COVERAGE for all components of JC GP.
⦁ Built on top of our Total English & GP Mastery System™ [TEMS] to achieve total mastery in all the GP core skills (analysis, evaluation and argumentation).


Here are just some of the powerful formula-style learning strategies that the EduEdge Team of GP Experts will be imparting:

How to effectively answer similar-themed P1 questions (Question Analysis) using PO(CO)²S™.
Brainstorm ideas from different perspectives easily and quickly for a balanced argument: Brainstorming ideas using PASTOR EDWARD Thinking Domain™ and Perspective Triangle. 
Make arguments more coherent and persuasive: Engage examiners by constructing effective Thesis Statement and Topic Sentences using CPR™.
Structure paragraphs, organise thoughts and elaborate on points with ease: Answering Structure and Paragraph Development with: SPEAR™, SPEAAR™, and SCRAP™ Rebuttal
Timed Practice and Detailed Feedback for both Papers 1 and Paper 2 so students can use the right exam-smart strategies to maximise their scoring potential.
Consolidation of Summary Skills: Learn to pick out the correct clues and points from the comprehension passage to provide accurate and complete answers, especially for the Application Question (AQ).
Effective Author’s Point Selection, Time Management and Constructing effective explanation points and generating insightful suggestions with (Summary- ASAP™) (AQ- A.C.E™, SPEAR™, SPEAEAR™, and SAiL™)
But that’s not all… You’ll also get the following BONUSES to help you master & apply these formula-style strategies fast:
BONUS 1: Mock Exams for Paper 1 & 2 simulating actual A-Level General Paper exam conditions:

⦁ Learn Exam-Smart Strategies (Time Management, Mistakes Avoidance and Maximising Marks)

⦁ Revise and Apply the Formula-Style Techniques

⦁ Understand the exact requirements of the question and answer systematically without going out of point.

⦁ Incorporate relevant examples at appropriate parts of your argument to sufficiently support your stand. (No more memorising content just for the sake of memorising)

⦁ Pick out the correct clues and points from the comprehension passage to provide accurate and complete answers, especially for the Application Question (AQ).

BONUS 2: Receive Detailed Feedback based on the actual GCE A-Level Marking Rubrics and Review of individual Performance Progress Report:

⦁ Avoid potential pitfalls & Clarify Learning Doubts.

⦁ Recap, Revise, Reinforce in the next 10 weeks.

⦁ Be more productive and effective when studying GP because all the relevant content and how they should be strategically used in essays and AQ have been summarised into bite-sized portions for ease of reference.

⦁ Overcome psychological barriers and feel confident on the day of the exams for Papers 1 & 2.

That fact that more than 2,000 of EduEdge’s students have achieved at least a 2 or more grade improvement (with more than half of them scoring B’s & A’s) over the last 8 national exams since 2013 is living and breathing proof that the methodology works!

More Raving Reviews From Students in the iepc programme:



St Andrew's Junior College, (A-Levels, E to B)

“I felt that the main problem I had with GP was that my structure for essay was all over the place. I really had no structure — I was just writing down whatever I felt was right… but EduEdge taught me techniques that was really useful. I feel that the main difference between EduEdge and other tuition centres or even school – is that EduEdge focuses a lot on these formulaic styles of teaching that really sets the foundation for English or even General Paper.”

Min hui

Min hui

A-Levels, E to B

3-Grade Improvement!


A-Levels, D to B

2-Grade Improvement!



A-Levels, E to A

4-Grade Improvement!

It’s The Last Lap Before The A-Level General Paper – This Will Be The Final Push For Students To Achieve Their Desired Grade In The National Exams.


The IEPC Intensive Exam Preparatory Course is only conducted ONCE a year by the EduEdge JC General Paper Team.
As it’s an in-depth, comprehensive 10-week course and not a short holiday programme,
seats are limited.


The annual EduEdge IEPC is not a holiday programme, or mindless drill-and-practice, typical run-of-the-mill revision programme.

The time that each and every student has left is extremely crucial.

We do not want to take any chances with your learning in this period – How well you use this time will directly affect your performance in the national exams.

This is why we’ve structured the IEPC to be the most comprehensive GP power revision course – You will not find this level of teaching anywhere else.

Over the next 2 months, the EduEdge GP Team will be spending an additional 2.5 hours per week with you for your revision, with even more hours of bonus sessions and coaching on top of that.

This is an exclusive preparatory course with the EduEdge GP Team sharing Practical, Never-Taught-In-School strategies and techniques which students can apply immediately –

Following are the A-LEVEL GP IEPC 2021 Course details:


Special Discount

For students who register for the IEPC in these next few days, use the following coupon codes:

These coupon codes expire when all the slots are claimed, so act now while the seats are still available!

Special Discounted Investment:

$1580 (Usual Price $2080)


$2480 (Usual Price: $3980)

YES, I want to experience a BREAKTHROUGH in my RESULTS and achieve a B or A for my GP!

How to register for the GP IEPC:

1. Click on the “Register Now!” button above!

2. Fill in your details in the form provided

3. Select the GP IEPC Class Slot:

GP-IEPC (WED: 6:30 pm to 9 pm)

4. At the bottom of the page, use the coupon code “IEPC-FAST” or “EPC-FAST” to receive your discount!

5. Click on the “Submit” button to reserve your slot for the IEPC!

Note: Complete payment by PayNOW or Internet Banking within the week of registering to secure your seat. Please refer to the full instructions on the form for more details.

“But Mr Cheng, Is There Enough Time? There’s Only 3 Months Left To The Paper!”

This is one of the questions that is most commonly asked by students in this period.

We understand that as there is only a short runway left to the national exams, many students might be concerned that there is not enough time left….

Or that it might be too rushed to start another revision programme.

However, here’s why the IEPC is actually crucial for a student in this period:

For A-Level GP, students are already overloaded with content –

The main reason why many students do not do well is because they are unable to organise their thoughts, develop clear arguments and structures, and engage the examiners.

This is why the IEPC DOES NOT FOCUS on teaching students new content.

Is it designed exclusively to take the content that students already know –

And teach them how to turn this content into distinction-worthy essays in their paper.

The IEPC equips students with clarity, structure, and powerful answering techniques, which are the critical missing links for scoring Distinctions.

This is the last lap to the national exams, and with our intensive support over the next 2 months, students will experience a drastic TRANSFORMATION in the way they tackle their GP Paper.

What is the difference between the IEPC & the regular weekly lessons?

The IEPC is an add-on to the regular English Gear-UP class. It is not meant to substitute or replace the weekly classes. Even though the IEPC was originally intended for non-EduEdge students, many EduEdge students still hop on-board the programme every year. That’s because they appreciate the extra opportunities for deepening their understanding and applying the techniques taught since GP is a skills-based subject. What’s more, they know this is the final lap to their national exams and it will be a huge mistake to take any chances. Hence, they want to give their best by intensifying their learning to 2x a week.

Who will benefit from the IEPC?

Students whose GP results are currently at a borderline pass or struggling to pass. (You need the extra coaching and intensive support on top of regular lessons.)

Students who feel they need the extra support to deepen their understanding and mastery of GP.

Students who are already doing decently for their GPs but want to super-secure their chances of getting a Distinction.

Will The IEPC Be Conducted Physically Or Online?

We understand that with the current situation, many of you are wondering if the IEPC will be conducted via physical lessons or online classes.

After spending a lot of time thinking about this in line with the government’s instructions –

We have decided that we will be conducting the IEPC fully online* this year.

*Should we enter Phase 3 of the circuit breaker successfully, the post-exam consultation may be held face-to-face, with the necessary precautions. This is subject to the latest advisory issued by the relevant authorities.

There are a couple of key reasons why we’ve chosen to do things this way:

The IEPC needs to start in the next few weeks, in order for students to have enough time to improve by the national exams. We cannot afford to wait longer, or time will be wasted. As of this point, the government is still unclear on the lifting of safe-distancing measures, so we need to make sure that learning is not disrupted.
Even as we enter Phase 2 and 3 of the circuit breaker, we need to make sure that our priority is still the SAFETY of each and every student at EduEdge. With SAFETY as a top priority, we have decided that the best way to conduct the IEPC lessons will be online.

These last few months, students have been adapting to online lessons here at EduEdge, and the feedback from students have been overwhelmingly positive. In fact, some students want to keep lessons online, as they feel it is more convenient for their learning.

Based on the feedback we have been getting, we know that we will be able to conduct the IEPC entirely online, and give each and every student their breakthrough results for their national exams!

We are choosing to conduct the IEPC this way as we believe that this will be the smoothest, and least disruptive way for their revision to be effective. As we continue to be vigilant and updated on the evolving situation in the next few months, we will be flexible while keeping your safety and learning as top priority.



Mother of Zoey Ann

“As a parent, I don’t think there is any difference whether she is attending e-lessons or whether she is there physically, because the quality of the teaching is still the same… [The teachers] were able to use the online platform well and use it to interact with every individual student. They are also able to control the class interaction in a very structured manner, and I think it is very impressive.”  

A survey was conducted with Eduedge students recently on how they feEL about The EduEdge Experience [Online]


We’re glad that students have been enjoying our online lessons and finding them beneficial for your learning.

Students, the EduEdge Team is 100% committed to making sure that you receive the most complete and comprehensive learning experience.

In this crucial period, our team has put in extra effort to make sure that your GP learning does not get affected.

On top of that, we’ve gone the extra mile to provide the highest quality online learning and resources you’ll find…

And we’re glad that our efforts have paid off!

Students love our online lessons, and many students even find their learning improved with all the bonuses and added online resources we’ve been giving them weekly.

We’re looking forward to supporting you even more in this final stretch to achieving your distinctions.

Together with you,

Mr Edwin Cheng 

Founder And Principal Of EduEdge

Following are the GP IEPC 2021 Course details:


Special Discount

For students who register for the IEPC in these next few days, use the following coupon codes:

These coupon codes expire when all the slots are claimed, so act now while the seats are still available!

Special Discounted Investment:

$1580 (Usual Price $2080)


$2480 (Usual Price: $3980)

Experience a BREAKTHROUGH and achieve B or A for General Paper Right Now.
YES, I want to experience a BREAKTHROUGH in my RESULTS and achieve a B/ A for my General Paper!.


How to register for the GP IEPC:

1. Click on the “Register Now!” button above!

2. Fill in your details in the form provided

3. Select the GP IEPC Class Slot:

GP-IEPC (WED: 6:30 pm to 9 pm)

4. At the bottom of the page, use the coupon codes “IEPC-FAST” or “EPC-FAST” to receive your discount!

5. Click on the “Submit” button to reserve your slot for the IEPC!

Note: Complete payment by PayNOW or Internet Banking within the week of registering to secure your seat. Please refer to the full instructions on the form for more details.