english tuition referral


Refer a friend to EduEdge and win
FREE lessons, ATTRACTIVE PRIZES & cash rewards!

To find out how you can win these rewards, while helping your friends to improve in English, watch this video specially prepared for you by EduEdge’s Founder & Principal, Mr Edwin Edangelus Cheng.



english tuition referral

Your journey of rewards begins with your very first referral:

  • 1st Successful Referral: Choose between $50 cash or 1 FREE Lesson

Continue the momentum with even more:

  • 2nd Successful Referral: Earn $100 cash or 2 FREE Lessons.

And it only gets better:

  • 3rd Successful Referral (and beyond): Receive $150 cash or 3 Lessons x INFINITE for every additional referral!

PLUS, when you hit key milestones, you are rewarded with exciting gifts on top of the cash / free lessons.

  • 3 Friends: Snag a $50 Starbucks Card – perfect for study breaks and group hangouts.
  • 5 Friends: Get AirPods Pro 3rd Gen – for studying or chilling with your favorite tunes in crystal-clear sound.
  • 7 Friends: Earn an Apple Watch Series 9 – keep up with your schedule and health goals in style.
  • 10 Friends: Win an iPhone 15 Pro Max – the best device for research, entertainment and staying in touch.
english tuition referral

The more friends you refer, the greater the rewards you and your friend can enjoy!

Our referral program stands out for its LIFETIME advantage — rewards keep accumulating without reset and there’s no limit on referrals. 

Even after you graduate from EduEdge, you can still earn and enjoy these lifelong benefits!

how to refer a friend to eduedge

To refer a friend, classmate, CCA mate or even neighbour to EduEdge for a Fully Sponsored Trial Class, all you have to do is click the text below and send the WhatsApp message to the friend you wish to refer to EduEdge.

Remember to edit the message to fill in your friend’s name before you send it to your intended friend 🙂

It’s that simple!




Hi {Your Friend’s Name} 😊, My English tuition centre *EduEdge* is currently giving out *limited e-vouchers* and I thought of sending one to you! 😎 If you’ve not heard of them… EduEdge is known to be Singapore’s #1 Language Specialist with a unique & proven method of teaching English using Formulas, plus the most number of student success stories! I’ve been their student for quite some time now and they’ve really helped me to study English in an easier and more effective way, compared to how we’re taught in school. *This voucher allows you to redeem a Fully-Sponsored Trial Lesson with EduEdge’s Language Specialists!* In this Trial Lesson, you will: ✅ Learn EduEdge’s Method - a method for learning English that I find easier and more effective. ✅ Discover how to think in a step-by-step way to “solve” English questions ✅ Pick up new strategies and techniques (not taught anywhere else) to tackle every component of the English exams …All of which have been really helpful for me in my journey to English Mastery. If you’re keen to make use of this voucher, all you need to do is *send a Whatsapp message to EduEdge’s admin team (62888741), with the following details*: - Your Name: - Referred By: - Level of study: - Previous EL grade: - Your EL Grade Goal for this year: Hope this is useful for you! 😊

Just imagine how AWESOME it will be to have your friends with you in class at EduEdge

(while winning all these attractive prizes!)

So what are you waiting for? Start referring your friends, classmates, CCA mates and neighbours to EduEdge NOW!

Send your first referral message to a friend today!