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To find out how you can win these rewards, while helping a child you know to improve in English… watch this video specially prepared for you by
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For your 1st successful referral, you’ll be awarded
$50 CASHBACK OR 1 FREE EduEdge Lesson for your child.

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The best part is, these rewards don’t reset and there is no limit to the number of friends you can refer to us – for now. This means that the more successful EE Referrals you make, the more rewards you’ll win.

how to refer a friend to eduedge

To refer a friend to EduEdge for a Fully Sponsored 1-on-1 DCA Session with our Language Specialist, all you have to do is click the button below to copy the Whatsapp Message and send it to the friend you wish to refer to EE.

Remember to edit the message to fill in your friend’s name before you send it to your intended friend 🙂

It’s that simple!


Hey 😊, {Your child’s name}’s English tuition centre *EduEdge* is currently giving out *limited e-vouchers* and I thought of sending one to you! 😎 EduEdge is known to be Singapore’s #1 Language Specialist with a unique & proven method of teaching English using Formulas, plus the most number of student success stories. And they’ve really helped {your child’s name} to study English in an easier and more effective way, compared to how {he/she}’s being taught in school. *This voucher is worth $158 and you can redeem it by clicking on this link right now:* 👉 https://eduedge.com.sg/dca-bonus/ Do make sure to use the coupon code: *FRIENDS* You can use this special voucher to claim a fully sponsored 60-minute *Diagnostic Consult & Assessment* for your child, with EduEdge’s Language Specialist. This *DCA* will help you find out exactly how you can BEST support your child to improve their English grades for their upcoming exams. In this DCA, your child will: ✅ Discover their true strengths and weaknesses in EL ✅ Learn how to overcome these challenges ✅ Find out how to study more effectively for English If you’re keen to make use of this $158 voucher, make sure to head over to this link, before all 20 available vouchers are redeemed! 👉 https://eduedge.com.sg/dca-bonus/ Hope this is useful for you! 😊

Here’s How Your Referral Will Help Your Friend’s Child In English

In their 60-minute Diagnostic Consult & Assessment (worth $158)
with our Language Specialist, your friend’s child will be learning:

Their true strengths and weaknesses in Englishand how to overcome their biggest challenges

How to apply our proven method: An easier and more effective way to learn English.

The key challenges of the English syllabus: and why they’re struggling to overcome these challenges now.

How to overcome these challenges and develop a stronger foundation for English.

Easy-to-apply English Exam tips that will help them master English in the shortest time and improve by 2 grades or more.

How EduEdge helps our students to improve quickly in English with our unique method of studying English with formulas.


All thanks to your kind referral.

Take this opportunity to help a child who needs support in English,
and enjoy the rewards mentioned above for your efforts.

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