Frequently Asked Questions

Dear parent,


Thank you for visiting EduEdge!

Our team has taken the time to create a comprehensive F.A.Q. to answer all your questions regarding our programme on this page.

We hope this helps you clarify your questions, and understand our programme and team better.

Once you’ve read through this, remember to claim your Free 60-minute Diagnostic Consult Assessment (worth $158) with our Language Specialists!

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Do you Offer Trial Lessons?

At EduEdge, we place our students’ interest at the heart of what we do.

Based on our past experiences, trial lessons tend to be disruptive as the Teacher has to take into account that there’s a new student in the class.

The new student would also feel confused and lost because of the progressive nature of our lessons: Our lessons are built on each other – session-on-session.

To be fair to the existing students on our programme, we do not want their teaching to be disrupted and hence, we do not offer trial lessons (free or paid).

Likewise, when your child is our in our programme, we would ensure that their learning journey to English mastery is uninterrupted.

This is why we take the time and effort to conduct Diagnostic Consult Assessments instead so that you and your child can have a private, personalised session with our Language Specialists who will give you and your child their fullest attention the minute you walk into our centre.

What are Your Course Fees?

At EduEdge,  we have a unique method of teaching English using formulas which has been proven to work for different student profiles. 

Due to our unique teaching method, we have different customised learning packages which are suited for different students, based on the level of support needed.

We’ll only be able to advise you further on which learning package / fee structure is ideal for you and your child after we’ve analysed the best solution for your child’s improvement during the Diagnostic Consult Assessment.

(This is also why the DCA is the first crucial step for our Language Specialists to evaluate the best way to help your child improve quickly!)

What is Your Class Schedule?

We understand that many of you parents need to know our class schedule to confirm if your child can make it during the lesson timings.

Here’s our class schedule for 2020.

If the current lesson timings are not suitable for your child, do let us know, and we’ll update you when a new class slot opens in the next few weeks so that your child can experience our “Formula-Style” learning method for English!

Where Are You Located? (Do You Have Another Centre?)

Our only centre, which spans 2500 sq feet over 2-storeys, is conveniently located near Serangoon and Lorong Chuan MRT.

We are just within walking distance from NEX. It is just a 5 to 8-minute walk from either train stations. We are just right next to Nanyang Junior College.

While we support more than 1,000 students every year from different parts of Singapore, we have consciously kept our operations to one single centre at one single location to ensure that every one of our students benefits from the highest quality of teaching. 

Address: 301 Serangoon Avenue 2, Singapore 550301


North-East Line
Serangoon (8-min walk from NEX)
Circle Line
Lorong Chuan (6-min walk from MRT Exit A)


By Bus:

58, 105, 45, 133, 135, 109, 100, 101, 103, 158, 315, 317


By Car:

Parking available

Do You Offer Individual Tuition?

EduEdge does NOT conduct individual or small class tuition.

Instead, to ensure students are still given personalised attention, we have adopted a Co-Teaching System (2 to 3 teachers per class).

The current English syllabus requires students to tackle writing and oral topics which require them to give their opinions – to argue, discuss, explain and justify.

Such critical thinking skills can only be developed in an interactive and dynamic class setting where students are provided with opportunities for lively debates and collaborative group work.

And that’s why each of our classes has 2 or more teachers, ensuring that your child has more personalised attention.

What this means is that your child will still get personalised attention because when one Lead Teacher is teaching, the Co-Teachers are going around the class to offer assistance to students. 

Do rest assured that your child will receive the fullest support from our Language Specialists when he is on our programme.