Discover This PROVEN LEARNING METHOD That Has Helped 82.7% Students Achieve Their AL 1-3 Within 6 Months!

Simply By Using The Revolutionary Formula-Style Learning Method That’s Helped More Than 2000 Students Jump Not Just By 1-2 Grades But Even Up To 5 Grades For English!

“… I got FULL MARKS! EduEdge has a lot of techniques which are easy to remember and apply during my Exams!”

– Teo Beth Anne | Improved from C to A for PSLE English!

primary school english tuition

Hey Parents,

I’m Mr Edwin Edangelus Cheng. Ex-MOE Research Activist, HOD (EL), and now Founder & Principal of EduEdge.

After guiding more than 2000+ students over the past 7 years,

I’ve realised that there’s a big problem with the way students study for English.


Over the years, I realised that students don’t have a standardised, systematic and structured way to study for English!

Most parents attribute their child’s underperforming English grades to talent,

But this is NOT TRUE.

The truth is, English must be broken down into specific techniques and skills.

If this is done right, then studying for English becomes structured, step-by-step, and much easier for any student to learn!

And here at EduEdge, we’ve taken these techniques and skills required by the syllabus and transformed them into easy-to-apply, easy-to-remember formulas, just like learning Math or Science, and we call this: The Formula-Style Learning Method!


Yes there is! Over the years, using my unique “Formula-Style” method of teaching and learning English, my team of Language Specialists has helped over 2000 students from all over Singapore jump 2-3 grades for English in 6 months or less, even if they were not strong language learners and had been consistently stuck with low B / C grades before joining our programme!

Improved from C to A for PSLE English!

“Last time, for my SA1 and SA2, I got a C. But I scored an A for PSLE, which I wanted badly”

– Chai Qi Yu | Maris Stella High School (Primary) 


Improved from B/C to A for PSLE English!

“Last time I was scoring Bs… I started scoring straight As and even full marks!”

– Agatha Chua | Poi Ching School


Improved from B/C to A For PSLE English!

“EduEdge really helped me with the different types of strategies!”

– Ayumi Dewi | CHIJ Our Lady Of The Nativity


Improved from C to A for PSLE English!

“EduEdge has a lot of techniques which are easy to remember and apply during my Exams!”

– Teo Beth Anne | Paya Lebar Methodist Girls Sch (Pri)

Parents – Now, your child FINALLY HAs THE CHANCE TO experience this same transformation for their english grades!

introducing The formula-style Learning method

After years of intensive research, I’ve managed to “crack the code” and developed a formula-style approach to learning English faster and helping students achieve distinctions in English papers.

And this formula-style method of learning English is so easy to learn and apply, that even the weakest students can experience a significant improvement within a short time.

And now, with TEMS, students finally have a standardised, systematic and structured way to study for English!

I call this revolutionary, formula-style method the “Total English Mastery System (TEMS)”.


primary school english tuition

With EduEdge’s “Total English Mastery System™” (TEMS), now any student will finally be able to learn English faster and more effectively, and score higher in their exams… and the result shows! Here, look at what our students have achieved:

primary school english tuition


Students Impacted

primary school english tuition


Improvement Rate

primary school english tuition


Improve By 2 Grades or more

primary school english tuition


Achieve Their AL 1 to AL 3

With TEMS, learning English becomes much more systematic & structured, and scoring well in exams is immediately much easier and more predictable!

Here’s what tems doES for your child

primary school english tuition

Makes English Learning So Systematic And Structured For Your Child, That It Prevents Any Confusion That Students Often Face! 

(This Alone Reduces Your Child’s Careless Mistakes, Often Saving Them 5-10 Marks!)

primary school english tuition

Shows Your Child The Exact Way On How To Tackle English, Using A Step-By-Step Approach, Just Like Solving Math Problem Sums

(This Gives Students A Clear Road Map To Their AL 1… Just By Simply Following This Approach!)

primary school english tuition

Discover A Proven And More Effective Way For Your Child To Learn English Using Our ‘Formula-Style’ Method.

(This Same Method Has Helped 2000 Of Our Students Improve By 2 Grades Or More For English!)

primary school english tuition

Shows Your Child How To Break The English Language Down Into Easy-To-Apply And Easy-To-Remember Formulas 

(Any Student Can Apply This And See A Huge Improvement Even If They Are Struggling In The English Language!)

primary school english tuition

(With just 1 session of learning about TEMS, we’ve even seen some students experiencing an IMMEDIATE improvement of 5-10 marks in their next English paper!)

 Parents, EduEdge’s “Total English Mastery System™” works best if your child is currently scoring borderline pass, AL 4 – 8.
*If your child is already scoring AL 1 -3, this learning system will help them maintain their current grades, or do even better! 


It All Starts Here! EduEdge is inviting both you and your child to our Fully-Sponsored Diagnostic Consult Assessment(DCA)!

Our team of Language Specialists will dedicate 1 hour of their time to give you and your child an exclusive 1-1 private session to experience TEMS™ Formula-Style Learning Method!

This DCA sessions is only for parents who are truly serious and committed to help their child improve but are wondering if we can work together.

The best and only way for both parties to know if we are a suitable fit for each other is to schedule a DCA.

But you need to act fast. Many mummies and daddies, like you, who want their child to improve quickly in English before the upcoming exams, have already secured their appointment slots.

Here’s what in store for you and your child when we meet for the 1-Hour Diagnostic Consultation:

primary school english tuition
primary school english tuition

15-Minute Personalised Analysis: Our Language Specialist will personally analyse your child’s most recent school weighted assessment papers so you know what are your child’s key strengths and areas for improvement. (This step is important because if your child does not know exactly which areas to focus on, they may be aimlessly working on the wrong things… resulting in precious time and effort being wasted.)

primary school english tuition

10-Minute “On-The-Spot” Assessment: Next, based on your child’s most pressing area for improvement that we’ve identified earlier, our Language Specialist will carry out a further assessment test. This enables us to delve deeper into the exact problem spots to help your child address them with greater clarity!

primary school english tuition

30-Minute “Real-Time” Feedback & Explanation: Based on the assessment test which your child has attempted, we will give immediate feedback on his performance. Depending on the gaps in your child’s understanding and learning needs, our Language Specialist will “hand hold” and guide him step-by-step how to apply one or more of our tested and proven “formula-style” techniques.

primary school english tuition

PLUS: We will also share many more Easy-to-Apply Tips and Actionable Steps so that your child has the KNOW-HOW to improve at least a 2-grade jump in their next English test or exam!


  • How can I encourage my child to read more often?
  • What are Cambridge Markers looking out for in my child’s answers?
  • How can I help my child master English in the shortest period of time?

primary school english tuition

You might be thinking…

will this work for my child?

nothing has worked for them before…

Parents, EduEdge’s “Total English Mastery System™️” (TEMS) will definitely work for your child.

Unlike many of the other centres / programmes out there, we’ve developed this method by combining the best education research from the UK and Switzerland so that it is easy for any student to apply. More than 5,000 hours have gone into research and the design of our lessons and curriculum.

With TEMS, any student who is serious about their learning, will be able to learn English faster and more effectively, and score higher in their Exams.

TEMS™️ formulas just makes English learning so easy and structured that even weaker students who struggled badly in English have seen an improvement of at least 2 grades in their exams, and with 72% of them achieving their AL 1 – 3!


primary school english tuition
primary school english tuition
primary school english tuition
primary school english tuition

Parents, as you can see, EduEdge’s “Total English Mastery System™” (TEMS) has impacted these students grades SIGNIFICANTLY and for many students, they’ve achieved such fantastic results in less than 6 months. And now, your child can finally have the chance to experience this significant transformation in their English grades too!

About eduedge learning hub

primary school english tuition

EduEdge is Singapore’s First and Only English Language Specialist with the revolutionary “Formula-Style” method to help students learn English in a Step-By-Step and Systematic way, just like Math and Science.

With support from EduEdge, more than 2000 Primary, Secondary and JC students from over 120 schools have improved by 2 or more grades to achieve their As and Bs, even when they used to struggle in English.

No other centre or programme in Singapore has this teaching method or comes close to our track record.

Parents, your child can score their aL 1’s for english. but in most cases, students still need time to get there. they need to start, and they need to start now.

90% of the students who’ve done badly in english fail to have the urgency to fix it.


don’t let that happen to your child.

Your child can be our next SUCCESS story too!

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