JC Students: Find It Difficult To Score Your A/B For GP?

Here’s A Simple, Stress-Free Way To Finally Achieve Your Good Grades For GP… 

With EduEdge’s Formula-Style Method That’s Specially Designed To Help Students Study For GP In A Systematic, Step-By-Step And Structured Way!

Here’s What Your Peers Say About The Formula Style Learning Method 

Master GP Easily Under The Guidance Of Our GP Specialists!


Hey JC Students,

I’m Teacher Eunice, Subject Head of JC General Paper at EduEdge.

I’m sure that by now you’d have realised – being good in English doesn’t automatically guarantee good GP grades!

Many students try their best to score well for GP… but despite their efforts, they still end up scoring only C’s and D’s.

That is why students tend to turn their attention to other H2 subjects, like H2 math which require more “urgent attention”.

If only they knew that’s a terrible strategy to adopt.

I’m sure you’ve heard many stories of students who score ‘A’ for their Math and Sciences but end up scoring mediocre grades (C / D / E) for GP or can’t even obtain a pass (S / U).

Sad to say, this pulls down their University Admission Score.

Deep in your heart, you know for a fact that you want to be able to achieve an ‘A’ or ‘B’ for GP too… not just a ‘C’.

So that when your A-level exams are done and dusted, you can hold your head up high knowing you’ve given your best to achieve that A/AAA instead of a C/AAA.

The big question for every JC student is – how do I achieve consistently my A / B for GP?



There’s a greater emphasis on students’ critical thinking skills and depth of thought and not just their command of the English Language.

(Students who ‘winged’ their way through O-level English by memorising essays or practising on assessment books will find that these ‘methods’ won’t work anymore!)



GP requires students to spend a significant amount of time reading to expand the breadth and depth of their general knowledge to be able to present well-researched, well-supported arguments.
Problem is: JC students’ schedule is both hectic and packed. You need a way to study smart and not just study hard.


Students face a very steep learning curve to master the skills needed before sitting for their GP… while working on other important subjects at the same time!

No wonder many students get so frustrated when they are stuck scoring only C’s and D’s for GP!

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

Students, if you’re putting in your best efforts and want to start scoring your A’s consistently for GP… 

Here’s how we can make your life much, much easier.

Here, at EduEdge, we’ve developed a structured method that teaches students the crucial GP concepts and skills, in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step approach that actually makes learning GP easy for any student!

We call this approach the: “Formula-Style” Learning Method!

HOW DOES THE “formula-style” learning method HELP YOU?

After years of intensive research, our Founder, Mr Edwin Edangelus Cheng. Ex-MOE Research Activist, HOD (EL), managed to “crack the code” into how our minds study languages.

By combining education research from the United Kingdoms and Switzerland, he has developed a formulaic and systematic way to help students recognise the “patterns” in GP so that they can master the subject faster and achieve their As / Bs.

This “Formula-Style” method makes learning GP so easy to learn and apply, that even students who were previously struggling in the subject (scoring D / E / S / U) can experience a significant improvement to their GP grades and start scoring their As / Bs within a short time!

Our students’ A-level results speak for themselves.

Hear from our most recent batch of 2020 graduates about how our revolutionary Learning Method has benefitted them!


But if you’re looking to start achieving the same awesome transformation in results, it’s important for you to start right now.

While EduEdge is able to accelerate any student’s learning, General Paper is still a skills-based subject.

We can’t promise you overnight success but if you are willing to follow our guidance, we can definitely help you develop the key skills over time to tackle GP more effectively.

There is no other shortcut but this.

So if you need support, our GP Specialists are here to give you personalised attention and guide you to achieve your As!



Chances are you’re memorising content blindly, trying to provide sufficient support to your argument… but you feel overwhelmed by the thick stack of content notes and bulletins given by your school to read. (Information overload)


You plough into doing as many essays and comprehensions as possible, yet the feedback you’ve been receiving is infrequent or so vague that you do not know which areas to improve on. (Just some ticks here or a few scribbles there – sounds familiar?)


You’ve started reading a LOT more, trying to expand your world view on a particular topic that you’d feel you’ll excel in… taking a gamble that it’s going to come out for your exams.


You try finding the support you need from their teachers when you are feeling lost or confused to no avail, because it is commonly assumed that JC students should be independent learners and thus, you are left to figure things out on their own and to “sink” or “swim”

here’s what you need to be able to do
instead to excel in gp: 


Understand the exact requirements of the question and answer systematically without going out of point.


Brainstorm ideas from different perspectives easily and quickly for a balanced argument.


Structure your paragraphs, organise your thoughts and elaborate on points with ease.


Make your arguments more coherent and persuasive.


Incorporate relevant examples at appropriate parts of your argument to sufficiently support your stand. (No more memorising content just for the sake of memorising)


Pick out the correct clues and points from the comprehension passage to provide accurate and complete answers, especially for the Application Question (AQ).


Apply exam-smart strategies to maximise the limited time you have in the exam, especially for Paper 2.


Learn the smarter way to study for GP effectively without memorising thick stacks of content notes.


Overcome your psychological barriers and feel confident on the day of the exams for Papers 1 & 2.


THE GOOD NEWS IS: these are the skills that we impart
to our students – making gp a breeze for them.

WANT TO master gp QUICKLY?

It All Starts Here! EduEdge is inviting you to our Fully-Sponsored Private 1-1 Coaching Session (PCS)!

Our team of GP Specialists will dedicate 1 hour of their time to give you an exclusive 1-1 private coaching session to personally experience EduEdge’s ‘Formula-Style’ Learning Method!

Our GP Specialists will be delving deep into the key areas that every JC student must know to score well.

This type of in-depth, personalised support for GP is hard to find anywhere else as it requires great time and effort.

But this is how we show our commitment to our students. So if you’re serious about improving GP, we’re serious about helping you.

**this private coaching session is only for students who are truly serious and committed in wanting to improve. Slots are limited and all applications are on an approval basis only.


Here’s what in store for you when you apply for a 1-1 private coaching session


15-Minute Personalised Analysis: Our GP Specialists will personally analyse your most recent GP paper so you know what are your key strengths and areas for improvement.
(This step is important because if you do not know exactly which areas to focus on, you will be aimlessly working on the wrong things… resulting in precious time and effort being wasted.)


10-Minute “On-The-Spot” Assessment Feedback & Explanation: Based on the assessment test which you have attempted, we will give immediate feedback on your performance. This enables us to delve deeper into the exact problem spots to help you address them with greater clarity!


30-Minute “Real-Time” Feedback & Explanation: You’ll be introduced to skills in a step-by-step manner using formula-style strategies. ANY student can apply these strategies immediately to see significant grade improvements for all Paper Components of the General Paper. This means that students like you can FINALLY find GP to be a subject which is learnable, understandable and doable just like Maths or Science!


PLUS: We will also share many more Easy-to-Apply Tips and Actionable Steps so that you will have the KNOW-HOW to improve at least a 2-grade jump in your next GP exam!

  • Personalised and customised roadmap specific to each student, so you know what to work on to get your A’s
  • How to identify question requirements and answering standards


You might be thinking…

will this work for me?

nothing has worked before..



Students Impacted



Improvement Rate



Achieve Their As/Bs

We’re fully confident in our method, and beyond that, we’re fully committed to going the extra mile for every student who walks through our doors.

These students were previously having trouble with the GP but because they took the right action… they finally achieved their A/Bs under our guidance!

Achieved A 4-Band IMPROVEMENT from D to A in the GCE A-Levels General Paper exams!

“…It helped me to address my personal issues with GP and just added even more value to my answers during exams.”

– Megan Tam | Raffles Junior College

Achieved A 3-Band IMPROVEMENT from E to B in the GCE A-Levels General Paper exams!

“EduEdge focuses a lot of these formulaic styles of teaching, which really sets the foundation for English or even General Paper (GP).

– Ho Jun Hao Kenneth | St. Andrew’s Junior College

Achieved A 4-Band IMPROVEMENT from S to B in the GCE A-Levels General Paper exams!

I really believe that what I’ve learnt from here (EduEdge)… it’s something that I can carry forward in my life and it would really help me in the future.

Pranav Krishna Prasad | Anderson Junior College

Achieved A 4-Band IMPROVEMENT from D to A in the GCE A-Levels General Paper exams!

“EduEdge comes up with formula-based methods to help you break down the passage and the questions.”

– Reena Chandini | National Junior College

About eduedge learning hub


EduEdge is Singapore’s First and Only Language Specialist with the revolutionary “Formula-Style” method to help students learn English and GP in a Step-By-Step and Systematic way, just like Math and Science.

With support from EduEdge, more than 2000 Primary, Secondary and JC students from over 120 schools have improved by 2 or more grades to achieve their As / Bs, even when they used to struggle in GP.

No other centre or programme in Singapore has this teaching method or comes close to our track record.

Students, With eduedge, you can score YOUR a’s for GP.

but in most cases, students still need time to get there.

they need to start,

and they need to start now.

90% of the students who’ve done badly in GP fail to have the urgency to fix it.


don’t let that happen to you.

We want you to be our next success story!

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