2021 PSLE English Gear-UP (WED: 7 pm to 9 pm)

What Is This Programme About?

The PSLE English Gear-UP™ Programme is a rigorous programme for Primary 6 who are sitting for their PSLE national exams. As the name suggests, the programme is specially designed to gear students up and fully prepare them for their national exams. Students will be equipped with powerful skills, strategies and techniques to help them tackle all 4 paper components (even Paper 3 & Paper 4!) of their English exams effectively. No other centre or programme provides such complete and comprehensive coverage.

Lessons will be delivered in a step-by-step and systematic manner using our unique Formula-Style Teaching Method. Students will also learn Formulas that are both easy-to-remember and easy-to-apply so that they know exactly what to do on the day of their exams to achieve their best English grade ever!

What Will Be Covered On The Programme?

For PSLE English Gear-UP™, powerful skills, strategies and techniques will be covered for the various components:

  • Paper 1
    • Situational Writing
    • Continuous Writing
  • Paper 2
    • Grammar
    • Vocabulary
    • Editing
    • Synthesis & Transformation
    • Comprehension
  • Paper 3
    • Listening Comprehension
  • Paper 4
    • Reading Aloud
    • Stimulus-based Conversation

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1) To register your child and reserve their seat in our class, complete a standard payment of $150 on the next page. 

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32 slot(s) available for this class enrolment