2021 PSLE Intensive Exam Prep Course

What Is This Programme About?

The Intensive Exam Preparation Course (IEPC) is the most comprehensive and complete English exam preparatory course to help students achieve their A's for their PSLE exams.

This 4-month proven power revision programme fully prepares your child for the National exams with our Weekly Roadmap specially designed to guide your child step-by-step right up to the exams.

It's developed to help your P6 child Master key skills and techniques for ALL the 4 Paper Components in just 4 months.

What Will Be Covered On The Programme?

Over the course of 16 weeks, we have carefully planned out and designed our lessons to help your child prepare for ALL 4 PAPERS for their PSLE exams. These are some of the things your child will learn on the programme.

  • Read Right Comprehension Prep Kit


Focusing on Comprehension, the Read Right Prep Kit helps your child know how to breakdown each Comprehension passage to identify contextual clues and key details, as well as recognising the different comprehension question types that will help them ace their Paper 2! 

  • Speak Right Oral Prep Kit


Exclusive access to our tips and bonus resources for you to continue working with your child at home for his Paper 3 (Oral Examination) which accounts for 15% of his English grade. (Once your child scores well in this component, he super-secures his chances of scoring an A or A*!)

  • Write Right Prep Kit


This Prep Kit will focus on students’ writing skills that include grammar, synthesis & vocabulary, as well as preparing our students to learn how to answer their questions and avoid silly careless mistakes on their grammar. We will also be teaching our students the skills and techniques needed for situational & continuous writing, ensuring your child scores an A for their Paper 1 component!

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1) To register your child and reserve their seat in our class, complete a standard payment of $150 on the next page. 

2) Once payment has been made on the next page, your child’s priority place in our programme will be reserved.

3) Our team will contact you within the next 3 business days to schedule a time slot for you to head down to our centre and complete registration.

4) The full lesson fees will be collected when you complete your in-person registration at the EduEdge centre.