We’re Proud To Announce Our 2019 Results!

We’re Proud To Announce Our 2019 Results!

CONGRATULATIONS 2019 EduEdge O-Level Cohort! 🎉Another year of AMAZING results for our students! 🎉⠀

We’ve been overjoyed to receive all of your messages after the results have been released! ⠀

From the entire EduEdge team, we would like to give our heartfelt congratulations to all of you!⠀

It has been a great pleasure supporting all of you on our programme and witnessing your transformation to achieve your BEST English grades ever 💪⠀

All of you are shining examples of how hard work, dedication, and commitment pay off.

And the RESULTS speak for themselves! 

Here’s the story of Norman (2019 Graduate) and Angela (2015 Graduate), both EduEdge graduates who both went from C6 to A2 for English after their time here with us! 

2 Generations Of EduEdge students. 2 Incredible Transformations –  Siblings Angela and Norman Ray Oh! 🙋‍♀🙋‍♂ 

Angela, EduEdge Graduate (2015) 🙋‍♀

Before Angela came to us, she tried to devise her own methods for learning English like how she did for Math & Science – but faced difficulty as her answers weren’t consistent…

That’s when she discovered EduEdge and our structured learning methods that provided her with a proven and consistent way to get the results she was striving for.

And despite scoring a ‘C’ in her prelims, with her determination and her mum’s unwavering support and belief in our programme and teaching methods – she eventually improved 4 GRADES from a C6 to an A2 for O-Levels!

⏩ Fast


3 years ⏩

Norman Ray Oh, EduEdge Graduate (2019) 🙋‍♂

Years later, Norman, Angela’s younger brother joins EduEdge on his sister’s recommendation and with the full support of his parents.

And just like Angela, he was having difficulty with English, scoring C‘s and was lost in almost every English component. 

But determination and dedication to learning and applying our ‘Formula-Style’ learning methods definitely ran in the family! 💪

By applying the EduEdge method of learning English, Norman went on to improve 4 grades and score an A2 just like his sister! 😌

Here are some words from Norman himself! :

“My English subject in Secondary school was a struggle before I joined EduEdge. 

My paper 2 comprehension had been a nightmare for me since Secondary one. I was extremely fearful of failing O-level English as I was lost in almost every area. 

However, attending EduEdge was a life changer for me!

As I desperately needed support for English, I was introduced to EduEdge by my elder sister. She managed to score an A2 for O-Level English after her time there.

Having full confidence in EduEdge, my parents signed me up for Mr Cheng’s class in Secondary 3. 

During my regular class with Mr Cheng, I was equipped with formulas, useful sentence structures, simple yet effective vocabulary and grammar skills. 

Mr Cheng and his teachers are always open for clarification when I require it, be it RISE, the lesson or schoolwork. 

With constant encouragement and optimism, Mr Cheng, Ms Yue and their teachers will never fail to energise and motivate my class. 

Apart from the regular class, I signed up for the WriteRight class which focused solely on situational and continuous writing. 

Under Ms Eunice’s teaching, I learnt very simple yet useful ways to level up my essays.

Fortunately, the 2019 O-Level mixed-genre question that came out was similar to the one I tackled in WriteRight. 

As a result of attending EduEdge, I am now able to structure my points appropriately, generate ideas and deliver my thoughts clearly whether on paper or spoken. 

With Mr Cheng and his teachers’ encouragement, dedication and care, I was able to conquer the O-Level English papers with the utmost confidence in myself, the teachers and the techniques. 

Previously, my grades for English fluctuated between Cs and Bs. Now, I scored an A2 for the 2019 O-Level English after attending EduEdge lessons. 

With an A2 in English, I have managed to score an L1R5 of 10 points and fulfil my hope of entering a junior college. Recently when I attended a JC open house, a history teacher said that having a strong English foundation would be a slight advantage for the humanities subjects. Thus, I believe that my English grade will benefit me in the long run in the future. With Mr Cheng as my inspiration, I will consider pursuing English in university. 

All in all, I would like to express my utmost gratitude to Mr Cheng, Ms Yue, Ms Eunice, all the assistant teachers and last but not least, Mr Edmund who always tends to our needs with a smile.”

Thank you Norman and Angela! Both of you serve as inspirations for all current and future EduEdge students! ☺

You are both shining examples that with the right learning methods, dedication from our Language Specialists and your hard work – your BEST ever English grades are 100% achievable! 👍

And we’d like to congratulate you on joining the 1,800+ students over the past 6 years who have consistently achieved exceptional English grades! 🏆⠀


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