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Over the past 8 years, EduEdge has had the privilege of helping more than 3,500 students from over 150 schools achieve English and General Paper success.

We’ve redefined the way English and General Paper is taught using our unique and proven <Formula-Style>® method which is easier, faster and smarter than the traditional ways of rote learning.

As a multi-million education company, we are currently poised for the next phase of our growth expansion in Singapore and overseas.

We’re always on the lookout for driven individuals to join our Team, who are passionate about teaching and want to make a positive difference to students’ lives!



Here at EduEdge, it’s our mission to empower individuals to move forward faster and further in their lives by transforming their English / General Paper (GP) grades.

We believe that every student has the potential to excel in English and GP. All they need is the Right Learning Attitude, coupled with guidance from the Right Teachers and the Right Teaching Methodology.

That is why we have redefined the way language is taught.

Through the use of our proprietary system of mastering English & GP by using Formulas, we are proud to say that we’ve positively impacted more than 3,500 students’ lives over the years by helping them master these subjects in the most effective and efficient way.

We are Singapore’s FIRST and ONLY education company with this unique, proven method.

No other centre or programme in Singapore comes close to the number of Success Stories we’ve created.

And our Company has even bigger plans – both locally and overseas. As we continue to grow, there are many opportunities for the right talents to step up and grow with us. 

So if you’re looking to help students transform their lives by transforming their English / GP grades, and build something that is far bigger than yourself – join us today!

What we do

Our mission is to help students who are serious about mastering English / General Paper not just improve their grades but acquire and develop language skills which they will need in life and will be with them for life.

We achieve this by making English / General Paper Learnable, Understandable and Doable for Students, just like studying Math and Science, using Formulas!


Students Impacted


Improvement Rate


Improve By 2 Grades or more


Achieve Their High Bs &As

Our E.D.G.E. Values


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the opportunity

Why join us?

Growth Opportunities and Faster Career Progression

Be mentored by top educators in the education industry and enjoy a rewarding career progression from Language Specialist to Master Specialist and then Principal Master Specialist in 5-7 years.

Teach Effectively & Design Meaningful Curriculum

Learn research-backed techniques to teach effectively, design meaningful curriculum and give quality feedback that truly adds value to students’ learning.

Flexible-Hour Work Arrangement

We focus more on actual results achieved from projects rather than actual hours clocked in the office!

Competitive Salary 

Jump-start your teaching career with a starting salary that is in line with the industry benchmark. But upon proving your mettle, you will be rewarded with a supernormal remuneration package.

(We have Staff who are already Subject Heads / Team Leaders in their mid-late 20s and are already earning an income that most can only dream of earning in their mid or late 40s.)

Be Part of Something Big

Go big or go home – that’s our motto. 

If you want to build something big and leave your mark on the world, you are in the right place and company. We have bold audacious goals in the pipeline where we cannot reveal publicly.

Be A Language Specialist  (not just a Tutor or Teacher)

Become a real teaching expert who is respected in the education field.

If you’re game for it, we’ll even guide you step-by-step to author your own assessment book with the Company.

Enterprising individuals may also be invited to be a Partner of EduEdge to run their own EduEdge education centre and become a Business Owner!


Plus many other awesome training, developmental projects and opportunities!


How It Feels To Be Part Of The EduEdge Team

"... I Now Feel Truly Fulfilled Being Able To Positively Impact The Lives of Students"

“Edwin [Founder of EduEdge] is instrumental to my exit and successful transition from MOE. He’s a wonderful mentor and teacher.

I felt myself burning out from the crazy working hours because of all the other duties besides teaching. And the same salary grade year in year out.

Thankfully, I got the chance to learn from Edwin. I’ve invested the necessary hours and hard work over the last 3 years to master the EduEdge methodology and I’m now earning a 5-figure income – something that was beyond my reach previously unless I was appointed as a School Principal.

More importantly, I now feel truly fulfilled being able to positively impact the lives of students who need help in English.”

Rowena May Yue, Co-Partner & Master Specialist

“The ACP Is Intriguing… It Is Unheard Of In The Education Industry…”

“Having graduated from university, I was still figuring out my career inclination. Then, I happened to chance upon the Apprenticeship Coaching Programme (ACP) while I was giving tuition assignments… I seized the opportunity to embark on the ACP as it is intriguing since it is unheard of in the education industry.

The Formula-Style teaching methodology is a valuable asset not just to me, but also to the entire community. I believe the Formula-Style will not only go a long way in assisting students in English but also shape the way they think.

Indeed, there are several centres around which are too business-centric. EduEdge has found the right balance with a core focus on students’ interest. Such a model will be sustainable in the long run and I am certain that the centre has more room for growth in the future. Personally, my goal now is to establish myself as a trusted Language Specialist in EduEdge and I am proud to be part of the organisation.”

– Lee Min Xuan, Team Leader & Language Specialist (PRI Division)

If you are ready for a life-transforming career (not just a job), be part of our Team and invest in your future today!

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