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Tyrrell Tan | Anglo-Chinese (junior)

Improvement from AL6 to AL1

Athens Sage Tan | Anchor Green Primary School

Improvement to Grade A

Chai Qi Yu | Maris Stella High School

Improvement to Grade A

Teo Zoe Anne | Paya Lebar Methodist Girls' School

Improvement to Grade A

Ashmita | Anchor Green Primary School

Improvement to Grade A

Teo Beth Anne | Paya Lebar Methodist Girls' School

Improvement to Grade A

Other Students Achievers
Student's NameStudent's SchoolNational Exam Grade
Kang Wen YuSaint Gabriel's Primary SchoolA
Tan Xiu HuiHong Wen SchoolA*
Kelvin Choo Jun FengPoi Ching SchoolA
Seah Gin Say SeanMaris Stella High School (Primary)A
Lee Hua Feng HowardAnglo-Chinese School (Junior)A
Chai Qi YuMaris Stella High School (Primary)A
Diane Lee En QiZhonghua Primary SchoolA
Koay Yeow TeikKeming Primary SchoolA
Ryan PhuaMee Toh SchoolA
RichiePark View Primary SchoolA*
Gan Yu XuanEvergreen Primary SchoolA
Tricia Tay Fang WenCHIJ Katong (Primary)A
Heng Yi HweeKong Hwa SchoolA
Leng Jia JunTanjong Katong Primary SchoolA
Jeffie Tan Yue YangMee Toh SchoolA
Ethan Ho Hsien YiDe La Salle SchoolA
Abshar RushaliXinmin Primary SchoolA
Egan EerNan Chiau Primary SchoolA
Ho ZoanConcord Primary SchoolA*
Tricia Ng Yu XuanCHIJ Saint Nicholas Girls' SchoolA*
Rachel Ng Yu TingCHIJ Saint Nicholas Girls' SchoolA*
Victoria Choo Xin EnHaig Girls' SchoolA*
Tang Shih LynnCHIJ Saint Nicholas Girls' SchoolA*
Brayden Ong Shi RenSaint Gabriel's Primary SchoolA
Chung Wan Zhi ChloeFairfield Methodist Primary SchoolA
Gan Kai JunMaris Stella High School (Primary)A
Andrea FongPei Chun Public SchoolA
Emmanuel ChangMaris Stella High School (Primary)A
Megan Chen Jing YiMaha Bodhi SchoolA
Govindaraj Mohana PriyaZhonghua Primary SchoolA
Josslyn LiewZhonghua Primary SchoolA
Amelia Umairah Bte Suadi NoorAnchor Green Primary SchoolA
Kaelyn Chiam Wan TingHoly Innocents' Primary SchoolA
Jayden Lau Jian QiKheng Cheng SchoolA
Koh JavenEdgefield Primary SchoolA
Balavignesh KumaranSaint Andrew's Junior SchoolA
Tan Xiu LinCanossa Convent Primary SchoolA
Shanice TanSpringdale Primary SchoolA
Joel Tan Ying JieMontfort JuniorA
Phoon Li HengPalm View Primary SchoolA
Ryden TanSaint Andrew's Junior SchoolA
Goh Xuan Xuan ChloeYangzheng Primary SchoolA*
Lim Ler Ting, EmilyAi Tong SchoolA
Kyros WanAi Tong SchoolA
Ayden Tan Peng YuNorth Vista Primary SchoolA
Liew Yean BinSi Ling Primary SchoolA
Dewi Ayumi Binte FadzliCHIJ Our Lady Of The NativityA
Saw Keedoh MarcusTownsville Primary SchoolA
Tan Yi Wei ElisabethPei Chun Public SchoolA
Daniel SimMaris Stella Primary SchoolA
Agatha ChuaPoi Ching SchoolA
Mithran s/o RaveendranHougang Primary SchoolA
Shannon KuCHIJ Primary School (Kellock)A*
Johann Young Joe HonYangzheng Primary SchoolA*
Constance AngYangzheng Primary SchoolA
Erin Lee YixuanYangzheng Primary SchoolA
Maya Mathi KohnMethodist Girls' School (Primary)A*
Kantawit KulsakdinunTownsville Primary SchoolA
Ng Jyn Lin FavianMaris Stella High School (Primary)A
Ryan Tan Jun YuSpringdale Primary SchoolA
Cayden Tham Jing XiangHougang Primary SchoolA
Chua Yun ChengMaris Stella High School (Primary)A
Leong Weng YeeConcord Primary SchoolA
Teo Beth AnnePaya Lebar Methodist Girls' School (Primary)A
Lim Xuan HuiZhonghua Primary SchoolA
Kayden ChngYangzheng Primary SchoolA
Zee ChiangHaig Girls' SchoolA
Josiah LongSaint Andrew's Junior SchoolA
Rhea SharmaSt. Margaret's Primary SchoolA*
Aashiq Qayyim BeckNorth Vista Primary SchoolA
Lin Jia XuanZhonghua Primary SchoolA
Calyne Low Yu XinPaya Lebar Methodist Girls' School (Primary)A
Charmaine KohYangzheng Primary SchoolA
Charlotte GohAi Tong SchoolA
Zander OngMee Toh SchoolA
Sean Hou Hong KaiNanyang Primary SchoolA
Zou HaochengMaha Bodhi SchoolA
Ng Le XinAi Tong SchoolA
Koay Yeow KeatHenry Park Primary SchoolA
Pamela ChenKheng Cheng SchoolA

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Xin Yee | CHIJ Saint Theresa's Convent

Improvement of 3 Grades from C5 to A2

Brendan Edward Raj | Greenridge Secondary School

Improvement of 3 Grades from B4 to A1

Dylan Wong | Pierce Secondary School

Improvement of 4 Grades from C5 to A1

Wong Jun Xiang | Seng Kang Secondary School

Improvement of 4 Grades from C5 to A1

Batriysia | CHIJ Saint Joseph's Convent

Improvement of 3 Grades from C5 to A2

Chloe Ng Kai Xin | Crescent Girls' School

Improvement of 5 Grades from C6 to A1

Mehboob Tahira | Tanjong Katong Girls' School

Improvement of 6 Grades from D7 to A1

Joshua Teo E Kit| Fairfield Methodist Secondary School

Improvement of 6 Grades from E8 to A2

Other Students Achievers
Student's NameStudent's SchoolSch ExamNational Exam GradeImprovement
Brendan Edward RajGreenridge Secondary SchoolB4A13 Grades
Carissa Yap Ning YuanCHIJ Saint Joseph's ConventC6A15 Grades
Chloe Ng Kai XinCrescent Girls' SchoolC6A15 Grades
Dylan WongPierce Secondary SchoolC5A14 Grades
Glen Wong Tjin XiangJunyuan Secondary SchoolC5A14 Grades
MeghanaSaint Margaret's Secondary SchoolC5A14 Grades
Mehboob TahiraTanjong Katong Girls' SchoolD7A16 Grades
Wong Jun XiangSeng Kang Secondary SchoolC5A14 Grades
Inez TheFirst Toa Payoh Secondary SchoolC5A14 Grades
Megan Tam Yee KwunCedar Girls' Secondary SchoolB4A14 Grades
Abhimanyu AroraSchool of Science and TechnologyB4A13 Grades
Amelia PangSchool of Science and TechnologyC5A14 Grades
Jason Tan Qi XianBeatty Secondary SchoolB3A12 Grades
Reena ChandiniCedar Girls’ Secondary SchoolB4A13 Grades
Amanda Leo Fang XuanNan Chiau High SchoolC6A15 Grades
Sarah Ng Shu QiCedar Girls’ Secondary SchoolC6A24 Grades
Natasha TanPaya Lebar Methodist Girls’ SchoolC6A24 Grades
Abdul Jabbar Bin ZainalBukit View Secondary SchoolC6A24 Grades
Andrea ThamSaint Margaret's Secondary SchoolC5A23 Grades
Chan Chong Kiat MarkSpringfield Secondary SchoolD7A25 Grades
Cheryl Lum Si HuiTemasek Secondary SchoolC6A24 Grades
Chloe LeeMethodist Girls' SchoolB4A22 Grades
Clarice LeeCedar Girls' Secondary SchoolB4A22 Grades
Faith Ng Luo FeiTanjong Katong Secondary SchoolC6A24 Grades
Gan Yun XiChung Cheng High (Main)C5A23 Grades
Jane ShirleyCrescent Girls' SchoolB4A22 Grades
Jobelle Lee ErnSaint Anthony’s CassonosianC5A23 Grades
Joshua Teo E KitFairfield Methodist Secondary SchoolE8A26 Grades
Karishma D O SavabajeetTemasek Secondary SchoolC5A23 Grades
Keane NeoCatholic High SchoolC5A23 Grades
Lam Rui HanAngelican High SchoolC5A23 Grades
Lim Yu JieFairfield Methodist Secondary SchoolC5A23 Grades
Marcus Isaac Goh Wei JieGan Eng Seng Secondary SchoolB4A22 Grades
Natasha TanPaya Lebar Methodist Girls’ SchoolC5A23 Grades
Nicole Soon Yi YinSaint Hilda's Secondary SchoolB4A22 Grades
Pranav Krishna PrasadSaint Andrew's Secondary SchoolC6A24 Grades
Puah Yuu ShuenQueensway Secondary SchoolE8A26 Grades
Sebastian Ng Jun HaoTanjong Katong Secondary SchoolD7A25 Grades
Sim Yun YingChung Cheng High (Yishun)C5A23 Grades
John LohTanjong Katong Secondary SchoolC5A23 Grades
Aditya GavankarSaint Patrick’s Secondary SchoolC6B33 Grades
Agnes Png Jia WenSingapore Sports SchoolC5B32 Grades
Charmin Goh Jia HuiPrivate CandidateC5B32 Grades
Chin Xiao HanXinmin Secondary SchoolD7B34 Grades
Chou Jun KiatManjusri Secondary SchoolC5B32 Grades
Denzel Goh Kai ZhePresbyterian High SchoolC5B32 Grades
Fok Jia YiCHIJ Saint Theresa's ConventC6B33 Grades
Germaine ChuaCompassvale Secondary SchoolC6B33 Grades
Lim Yue Xiang DarrenEdgefield Secondary SchoolC5B32 Grades
Malcom Lim Ho TongAnglo-Chinese School (Barker Road)D7B34 Grades
Maurice Cheng Jun KeatNgee Ann Secondary SchoolD7B34 Grades
Mica Sutedjo Tay Yi ShanEdgefield Secondary SchoolC5B32 Grades
Muhammad Arshad ShaikSwiss Cottage Secondary SchoolC5B32 Grades
Muhammad RayanBedok South Secondary SchoolC6B33 Grades
Nobelle NgPeicai Secondary SchoolC6B33 Grades
Noor Ameera BegumCedar Girls' Secondary SchoolC6B33 Grades
Tan Yi XianTampines Secondary SchoolC5B32 Grades
Tay Yong YueSaint Andrew's Secondary SchoolC5B32 Grades
Te Yu HangChung Cheng High School (Yishun)C6B33 Grades
Thinn Yanant AungTanjong Katong Girls' SchoolC6B33 Grades
Vivien Chew Jing WenQueenstown Secondary SchoolC6B33 Grades
Laurencia JenniferXinmin Secondary SchoolB4A13 Grades
Christel HanCHIJ St Theresa’s ConventC6A24 Grades
Daryl Low Ze LinNan Hua High SchoolC6A24 Grades
Ernest Tan Kai YuanBowen Secondary SchoolC6A24 Grades
Jareth Tan Eu QuanCatholic High SchoolB4A22 Grades
Jody Wong Hui WenCrescent Girls' SchoolB4A22 Grades
Juliet Suen Ying ZhenBeatty Secondary SchoolB4A22 Grades
Koh Wei-LynnTanjong Katong Secondary SchoolB4A22 Grades
Lee Chin JuanAng Mo Kio Secondary SchoolD7A25 Grades
Liang Shu-JingChung Cheng High (Main)B4A22 Grades
Nicole Tan YingliBeatty Secondary SchoolC6A24 Grades
Nithyashree NarayananCrescent Girls' SchoolC5A23 Grades
Oh Ying Jie, Angela RayBeatty Secondary SchoolC5A23 Grades
Ong Shi QiNan Chiau High SchoolC6A24 Grades
Benjamin Wang Jian KaiKuo Chuan Presbyterian Secondary SchoolD7B34 Grades
Bertrand Teo Wei XuanHai Sing Catholic SchoolC5B32 Grades
Chong Zhi ChengBowen Secondary SchoolC6B33 Grades
Chou Jun KiatManjusri Secondary SchoolC6B33 Grades
Daniel Tan En LiangAnglo-Chinese School (Barker Rd)C5B32 Grades
Don Lee Jia ZherBowen Secondary SchoolC5B32 Grades
Jedrek Low En ZhiCatholic High SchoolC6B33 Grades
Lee Si YingAng Mo Kio Secondary SchoolE8B35 Grades
Mahapatra SwapnadeepSaint Joseph's InstitutionC6B33 Grades
Pee Rui JieCompassvale Secondary SchoolC6B33 Grades
Pua Xin Yi VeraAng Mo Kio Secondary SchoolD7B34 Grades
Seah Rui ShanChung Cheng High SchoolC6B33 Grades
Abhimanyu AroraSchool of Science and TechnologyB4A13 Grades
Amelia PangSchool of Science and TechnologyC5A14 Grades
Jason Tan Qi XianBeatty Secondary SchoolB3A12 Grades
Jonathan WunSaint Joseph's InstitutionB4A13 Grades
ReenaCedar Girls’ Secondary SchoolB4A13 Grades
Andrea McwhinneyCHIJ St Joseph's ConventB4A22 Grades
Crystal GohBeatty Secondary SchoolB4A22 Grades
Goh Wei Tze, AudreyBeatty Secondary SchoolB4A22 Grades
Oei Xin Jian, JohnSt Joseph’s InstitutionB4A22 Grades
Tan Teng ShinBeatty Secondary SchoolB4A22 Grades
Victoria Leong Tong LinCHIJ St Nicholas Girls' SchoolB4A22 Grades
Wee Chin Hin WinstonMaris Stella High SchoolB4A22 Grades
Wong Kang Kiat GabrielChrist Church Secondary SchoolB4A22 Grades
Calvin TeoSt Andrew’s Secondary SchoolC6B33 Grades
Cheah WilfredBeatty Secondary SchoolC5B32 Grades
Donovan Kok Zham JieGuangyang Secondary SchoolC5B32 Grades
Gn Wei Xuan KusalaBeatty Secondary SchoolC6B33 Grades
Jerome SimBeatty Secondary SchoolC5B32 Grades
Jewel Tan Jia HuiBeatty Secondary SchoolC5B32 Grades
Jolene HsuPaya Lebar Methodist Girls’ SchoolC6B33 Grades
Juay Jing MinBeatty Secondary SchoolC5B32 Grades
Kerrthegaa Dio GopalanCHIJ St Joseph's ConventC6B33 Grades
Luen Zhe YongAnglo-Chinese School (Independent)C5B32 Grades
Ng Wei Jun JarranKuo Chuan Presbyterian Secondary SchoolC6B33 Grades
Shawn Tan Jun XianSt Andrew’s Secondary SchoolC5B32 Grades
Sheryl Tan Yan LingBeatty Secondary SchoolC5B32 Grades
Teo Chin WeyBukit Panjang Govt High SchoolC5B32 Grades
Teo Rui Lin, MelissaCHIJ Saint Joseph's ConventC5B32 Grades
Tong De Sheng, KennethYuying Secondary SchoolC5B32 Grades
Pascua Joan Paula YumenyCedar Girls’ Secondary SchoolB4A13 Grades
Siow Qiu YingCedar Girls’ Secondary SchoolB4A13 Grades
Amelia Lim Shi YaPaya Lebar Methodist Girls' SchoolB4A22 Grades
Geraldine PohQueenstown SecC5B32 Grades
Patrick Siah Han RongNan Chiau HighC6B33 Grades
Sebastian Lim Say YuanBeatty Secondary SchoolC6B33 Grades
D HariharenKuo Chuan PresbytarianD7B34 Grades
Lee Wen HuiBeatty Secondary SchoolC6B33 Grades
Chua Zhi Li CelineBeatty Secondary SchoolC6B33 Grades
Leo Yun Xuan RebeccaPaya Lebar Methodist Girls' SchoolC6B33 Grades
Sean LeoAng Mo Kio Secondary SchoolC5B32 Grades
Phay Yi YingAnderson Secondary SchoolC5A23 Grades
Tan Xuan YingZhonghua Secondary SchoolC5B32 Grades
Low Ting RuCHIJ Saint Joseph's ConventD7B34 Grades
Alicia LuiEdgefield Secondary SchoolD7B34 Grades
Ang Yu QuanMaris Stella High SchoolC6B33 Grades
Gordon Loo Hong QingEdgefield Secondary SchoolC6B33 Grades
Lau Zi YuOrchid Park Secondary SchoolC5B32 Grades
Faith Kuan Jia YingKuo Chuan Presbyterian Secondary SchoolC5A14 Grades
Oei Xin Yi, JoshuaSaint Gabriel's Secondary SchoolE8B35 Grades
Tan Lip WeiNgee Ann Secondary SchoolC5A23 Grades
Natalyn SiowWoodlands Secondary SchoolC5B32 Grades
Ethan Ow Yong Jun XuanBowen Secondary SchoolC6B33 Grades
Chua Jun Xian, JoelChung Cheng High School (Main)C6A15 Grades
Tan Yuan PohSt. Andrews Secondary SchoolC6B33 Grades
Elke Goh Yuan ChyiChung Cheng High School (Main)C5A23 Grades
Yuen Yun XinNan Chiau High SchoolC5A23 Grades
Yeo Hong SiongVictoria SchoolB4A13 Grades
Amanda Ling Zhi QiAnglican High SchoolB4A22 Grades
Khoo Bo SiSchool of Science and TechnologyD7B43 Grades
Sonali BhatPresbyterian High SchoolB3A12 Grades
Rachel Khoo Xin YaCHIJ Saint Theresa's ConventC5B32 Grades
Ryan ErZhonghua Secondary SchoolC6A24 Grades
Kieren Michael DeskerCoral Secondary SchoolD7B34 Grades
Makito HayashiSaint Gabriel's Secondary SchoolE8B44 Grades
K. KrittikaCedar Girls' Secondary SchoolC6A24 Grades
Neha SeayadCommonwealth Secondary SchoolC6B33 Grades
Amelin Ang Hui LingCompassvale Secondary SchoolC5A23 Grades
Webster Tan Jia ShengPresbyterian High SchoolB4A22 Grades
Foo Yan XiuMaris Stella High SchoolF9A27 Grades
Lim Jin Yuan JeredCompassvale Secondary SchoolE8B44 Grades
Bryan Low Jun-RenSaint Joseph's InstitutionC5B32 Grades
Claudia Long Yan RuCrescent Girls' SchoolB3A12 Grades
Yap Jun LiangFuhua Secondary SchoolC6B33 Grades
Leroy LeeVictoria SchoolB4A22 Grades
Lim Li TeikPeirce Secondary SchoolC6B33 Grades
Mah Kar LynChung Cheng High School (Main)B4A13 Grades
Tan Shi XuanChung Cheng High School (Main)B4A22 Grades
Teo ZernZhonghua Secondary SchoolB4A13 Grades
Shristi GurungTanjong Katong Girls' SchoolC5B32 Grades
Nabina GurungTanjong Katong Girls' SchoolC5A23 Grades
Sim Lun JeanNgee Ann PolytechnicC6B33 Grades
Brendan Edward RajGreenridge Secondary SchoolB4A13 Grades
Bryan NgSaint Patrick's Secondary SchoolC5A23 Grades
Javen Ong Jing HianSaint Gabriel's Secondary SchoolC5A23 Grades
Gan Jia JianMaris Stella High SchoolC6A24 Grades
Chai Qi Wen (Sebastian)Maris Stella High SchoolC6A24 Grades
Nhan Gia MinhAnglo-Chinese School (Barker Road)B4A22 Grades
Sng Rui Jia RachelBeatty Secondary SchoolC6B33 Grades
Lee Yan QingHougang Secondary SchoolC6A24 Grades
Kristina Chew Xin HuiFairfield Methodist School (Secondary)C6A24 Grades
Claire Lee MinSaint Hilda's Secondary SchoolF9B36 Grades
Keith Ang Kee ChunDunman Secondary SchoolB4A22 Grades
Keith Joshua LimMaris Stella High SchoolC6B33 Grades
Beatrice Leong LesiCHIJ Saint Theresa's ConventC5B32 Grades
Isaac Goh Jing RongBukit Batok Secondary SchoolC6B33 Grades
Jamie Tan Wei LinPrivate CandidateB3A12 Grades
Dylan TayNan Chiau High SchoolC6A24 Grades
Jerome TanTemasek Secondary SchoolC6B33 Grades
Hannah NgaPaya Lebar Methodist Girls' SchoolC5B32 Grades
Isaac ChinSt. Gabriel's Secondary SchoolC5A14 Grades
Tan Jay LenCatholic High SchoolC5A23 Grades
Lit Jing Ting Alva ThereseJunyuan Secondary SchoolC6B33 Grades
Lim Cheng TengMontfort Secondary SchoolC5B32 Grades
D ParanitharanRiverside Secondary SchoolB3A12 Grades
Tang Yuan YuanPeicai Secondary SchoolC5A14 Grades
Damian ChowAnglican High SchoolC5A14 Grades
Naidu Vibha Vijaya KumarCrescent Girls' SchoolB3A12 Grades
Teo Ke EnCrescent Girls' SchoolB4A13 Grades
Berniss Chow Zi MinSchool of Science and TechnologyB4A13 Grades
Yun Wei Zhang JasonCatholic High SchoolD7A16 Grades
Ethelyn KekCHIJ Katong ConventC5A14 Grades
Cheryl Law Yi XianTanjong Katong Secondary SchoolB3A12 Grades
Chia Yu WenNan Hua High SchoolB3A12 Grades
Ryan Lam Yi KaiMaris Stella High SchoolB3A12 Grades
Maanya KhareSt. Gabriel's Secondary SchoolB4A13 Grades
Nicholas Khoo Kah WenMaris Stella High SchoolF9A18 Grades
RogerSpringfield Secondary SchoolB4A13 Grades
Darren Quek JiaweiChung Cheng High School (Main)B3A12 Grades
Chiok Wen Xi GiselleCHIJ Saint Nicholas Girls' SchoolB4A13 Grades
Muhammad ZakiNgee Ann Secondary SchoolB4A13 Grades
Clara Heng Yih XianSingapore Chinese Girls' SchoolB4A13 Grades
Keean ChuangPresbyterian High SchoolC5A23 Grades
Laura NgXinmin Secondary SchoolC5A23 Grades
Othniel Ho Wei QuanMayflower Secondary SchoolB4A22 Grades
Qu Yuchen SherryBedok North Secondary SchoolB4A22 Grades
Joshua Harikaran PooranakaranVictoria SchoolC6A24 Grades
Goh Yun YaoPeirce Secondary SchoolB4A22 Grades
Royston Lee Juin HerngSt. Andrews Secondary SchoolC5A23 Grades
Claryce ChuaCHIJ Saint Joseph's ConventC6A24 Grades
Kenneth Too Jun WeiSchool of Science and TechnologyD7A25 Grades
Tan Jia Wen, JoycePresbyterian High SchoolB4A22 Grades
Leona Loo Yi XuanChung Cheng High School (Main)C6A24 Grades
Seow Chuan ZhengAnglican High SchoolB4A22 Grades
Tai Jia En TaniaHai Sing Catholic SchoolD7B34 Grades
Jun MatsumotoBukit Merah Secondary SchoolC6A24 Grades
Malcolm ChoySaint Gabriel's Secondary SchoolB4A22 Grades
Celeste TanSt. Margaret's Secondary SchoolB4A22 Grades
Emmelyn KekCHIJ Katong ConventC5A23 Grades
Cham Xue Min RachelMayflower Secondary SchoolC5A23 Grades
Bradley Edward RajGreenridge Secondary SchoolB4A22 Grades
Sean Roshan Siva-TeoSerangoon Secondary SchoolC5A23 Grades
Tan Xuan YanNan Chiau High SchoolB4A22 Grades
Caspar Ng Jin XueYio Chu Kang Secondary SchoolB4A22 Grades
Elva Ng SiyaXinmin Secondary SchoolC6A24 Grades
Seetoh Shao KangManjusri Secondary SchoolC5A23 Grades
Reily Tan Wen KaiSaint Andrew's Secondary SchoolB4A22 Grades
Charissa Cheok En QiChung Cheng High School (Yishun)B4A22 Grades
Benjamin NgSaint Patrick's SchoolB4A22 Grades
Lim Yu Han ThaddeusMaris Stella High SchoolC5A23 Grades
Ethan TohUnity Secondary SchoolC6A24 Grades
Jolie Teng Lee HuiHai Sing Catholic SchoolB4A22 Grades
Aluquin Anthony SuratosBedok South Secondary SchoolC5A23 Grades
Lim Zhi QiCHIJ Saint Joseph's ConventC5A23 Grades
Samuel Loo Qi EnCatholic High SchoolB4A22 Grades
Koh Seoh EnCommonwealth Secondary SchoolC5A23 Grades
Jerome OngDunman Secondary SchoolC5A23 Grades
Chen Jia ShinSt. Margaret's Secondary SchoolC6A24 Grades
Ianette Lynn LimChung Cheng High School (Main)C5B32 Grades
Leo Lee Zhong LiangPasir Ris Crest Secondary SchoolC6B33 Grades
Jonathan Soon Jun YangEast Spring Secondary SchoolC5B32 Grades
Charlotte ChuaDunman Secondary SchoolC6B33 Grades
Tan Guang JunMayflower Secondary SchoolC6B33 Grades
Jaryl Low Jia WeiMayflower Secondary SchoolC5B32 Grades
Chan Shing YeeMayflower Secondary SchoolC5B32 Grades
Nicole Ng Kai YiManjusri Secondary SchoolC5B32 Grades
Siti Nur Zafirah Binte Zainal AbidinChrist Church Secondary SchoolD7B34 Grades
Tor Jia EnEdgefield Secondary SchoolC6B33 Grades
Chng JiadeEdgefield Secondary SchoolC6B33 Grades
Sean Tan Yi JieWoodgrove Secondary SchoolC5B32 Grades
Soo Tze YeeManjusri Secondary SchoolC6B32 Grades
Leong Jin Qi NicoleKent Ridge Secondary SchoolC5B32 Grades
Jeremiah Tan Tze YiAnglo-Chinese School (Barker Road)E8B35 Grades
Matthew TanFuhua Secondary SchoolC5B32 Grades
Alethea ChuaPaya Lebar Methodist Girls' SchoolC5B32 Grades
Theophilus FooTanjong Katong Secondary SchoolC5B32 Grades
Jocelyn LimZhonghua Secondary SchoolC6B33 Grades
Ng Sen XuSaint Andrew's Secondary SchoolC6B33 Grades
Adi Asyraf MasrudinTemasek Secondary SchoolD7B34 Grades
Nervin SiewClementi Town Secondary SchoolC6B33 Grades
Lye Cheng YanSwiss Cottage Secondary SchoolC5B32 Grades
Lee Sean JoeHai Sing Catholic SchoolC5B32 Grades
Garrison Koh Yun XiangAnglican High SchoolC5B32 Grades
Shreya RanjanTanjong Katong Girls' SchoolC6B33 Grades
Elton NeoEast View Secondary SchoolD7B34 Grades
Chu Chen WeiMaris Stella High SchoolC5B32 Grades
Cui FangheMeridian Secondary SchoolC5B32 Grades
Soh Guan Lin BrianPei Hwa Secondary SchoolC6B33 Grades
Metta Lee Qian YingManjusri Secondary SchoolC6B33 Grades
Tang Lynne-XuanVictoria SchoolC5B32 Grades
Isabel AngPrivate CandidateC5B32 Grades
M. SobanaPaya Lebar Methodist Girls' SchoolC5B32 Grades
Ng Yan QingPrivate CandidateD7B43 Grades
Jonathan Vincent LumAnglo-Chinese School (Barker Road)C5B32 Grades
Fong Kai LiangEdgefield Secondary SchoolC6B33 Grades
Tai BinquanEdgefield Secondary SchoolC6B33 Grades
Nyeow Cai XuanNan Chiau High SchoolC5B32 Grades
Mohamed SuhailMontfort Secondary SchoolC6B33 Grades
Germaine Soo Ting XuanNgee Ann Secondary SchoolC6B33 Grades
Tee Peng ChunEdgefield Secondary SchoolD7B33 Grades
Ho Chang RongHai Sing Catholic SchoolC5B32 Grades
Shawn ChowSaint Patrick's SchoolC6B33 Grades
Ling Jia YiNgee Ann Secondary SchoolC6B33 Grades
Yeow RongHoly Innocents' High SchoolF9B45 Grades
Anmol RanaTanjong Katong Secondary SchoolB4A13 Grades
Melvin LeeYuan Ching Secondary SchoolC6B33 Grades
Teo Wan LynnChung Cheng High School (Main)C6B33 Grades
Ernest ChooAnglo-Chinese School (Barker Road)D7B33 Grades
Isabelle LimCrescent Girls' SchoolC5B32 Grades
Shivam KapoorJunyuan Secondary SchoolC5B32 Grades
Nikhita SanthikannanCedar Girls' Secondary SchoolB3A12 Grades
Akash UthayanSaint Hilda's Secondary SchoolB4A22 Grades
Foo Ying RouDeyi Secondary SchoolC5B32 Grades
Lyris Ng Song QiCHIJ Saint Theresa's ConventC5B32 Grades
Karan SivarajSt Andrew's Secondary SchoolC6A24 Grades
Chan Zhen Yu, JoelSt Gabriel's Secondary SchoolC6A24 Grades
Ang Lee WeiTemasek Secondary SchoolE8B35 Grades
Akashini AnbalaganSt Margaret's Secondary SchoolC6A15 Grades
Jerelynn Ng Yun QingChung Cheng High School (Main)B4A22 Grades
Ong Yu JingCHIJ St. Nicholas Girls' SchoolB4A22 Grades
Chloe Lee XinruDunman Secondary SchoolB4A13 Grades
Joel Young ZhihengMaris Stella High SchoolB4A22 Grades
Verlynn Ng Jing XuanZhonghua Secondary SchoolC6B33 Grades
Oh Hao Jie Norman RayMontfort Secondary SchoolC6A24 Grades
Tan KaixuePei Hwa Secondary SchoolC5B32 Grades
Janelle Ng Ying XuanPaya Lebar Methodist Girls' SchoolC5A23 Grades
Hanis Umairah Binte Mohd RamlanTanjong Katong Secondary SchoolC6B33 Grades
Lai Yu EnNan Chiau High SchoolC6A24 Grades
Skye Phua LeleSt. Nicholas Girls' SchoolC6B33 Grades
Rebecca KohSt. Margaret's Secondary SchoolC5A23 Grades
Nicole BoonSingapore Chinese Girls' SchoolB4A22 Grades
Lee Wen XiSt. Margaret's Secondary SchoolB4A22 Grades
Koh Ming YangAhmad Ibrahim Secondary SchoolB4A22 Grades
Sean Goh Shao HuiBowen Secondary SchoolC5B32 Grades
Lynette LimClementi Town Secondary SchoolC6B33 Grades
Ho Zhan Qi ShaunEdgefield Secondary SchoolC6B33 Grades
Chantel LeeGuangyang Secondary SchoolC6B33 Grades
Zoey LauZhonghua Secondary SchoolC6A24 Grades
Mah Hao JunChung Cheng High School (Main)B4A22 Grades
Yeo Kai LinSt. Anthony's Canossian Secondary SchoolC5B32 Grades
Tan Hui Xin JuliaSt. Margaret's Secondary SchoolB4A22 Grades
Amanda Wong Jing YiChung Cheng High School (Main)B4A22 Grades
Lee Jae WonAnglo-Chinese School (Barker Road)C6A24 Grades
Tilly-Anne HumphreyCHIJ Saint Joseph's ConventC6A15 Grades
Tan Zhi YongEdgefield Secondary SchoolC5A23 Grades
Lim Hui Jun, PremikaPaya Lebar Methodist Girls’ SchoolC5A23 Grades
Yuen Yi HengMaris Stella High SchoolC5A23 Grades
Iman Thaahirah Binte Md TahirBukit Panjang Government HighB4A22 Grades
Ng Yu TingNan Chiau High SchoolC6B33 Grades
Glen HanAnglican High SchoolC5B32 Grades
Wong Zee-XuanNan Chiau High SchoolB3A12 Grades
Boey Yu Yann MeganPunggol Secondary SchoolD7B34 Grades
Ang WeilunZhonghua Secondary SchoolB4A22 Grades
Chin Shin YeeChung Cheng High School (Yishun)C6B33 Grades
Cheyenne Soh Yan EnChung Cheng High School (Yishun)C6B33 Grades
Zhang RuitaoFairfield Methodist School (Secondary)B4A13 Grades
M. HariharanPunggol Secondary SchoolC6B33 Grades
Kelvin ChikMaris Stella High SchoolB4A22 Grades
Damaen TanPrivate CandidateC6A24 Grades
Michael VendargonFairfield Methodist School (Secondary)C5A23 Grades
Yeo Tong HonChung Cheng High School (Main)C5A23 Grades
Jovan Loh Kee YongSt. Gabriel's Secondary SchoolC5B32 Grades
Ooi En JieXinmin Secondary SchoolB4A22 Grades
Zachary TeoPeirce Secondary SchoolB4A13 Grades
Chua Zhi NingMayflower Secondary SchoolC5B32 Grades
Koh Shen LongClementi Town Secondary SchoolB4A22 Grades
Tan Hui Xuan CharmaineEvergreen Secondary SchoolB4A22 Grades
Darryl Eyu Cheng RuiNan Hua High SchoolC6B33 Grades
Tan Yi Xin HannahMayflower Secondary SchoolB3A12 Grades
Ong Ya Wen RachelChung Cheng High School (Main)B4A22 Grades

Thaddeus | Hwa Chong Institution

Improvement 3 Grades from D to A

Reena Chandini | Nanyang Junior College

Improvement 2 Grades from C to A

Pranav Krishna | St. Andrew’s Junior College

Improvement 3 Grades from E to B

Rachel and Calvin | St Andrew's Junior College

Improvement 3 Grades from D to A

Lam Rui Han | Hwa Chong Institution

Improvement 3 Grades from D to A

Jasveena Gaya | Raffles Institution

Improvement 3 Grades from D to A

Other Students Achievers
Student's NameStudent's SchoolSch ExamNational Exam GradeImprovement
Rajwanshi Tanya BharatRaffles InstitutionDA3 Grades
Reena ChandiniNanyang Junior CollegeCA2 Grades
Megan Tam Yee KwunRaffles InstitutionDA3 Grades
Nicole Tan YingliYishun Innova Junior CollegeEA4 Grades
Heng Yan ZhenVictoria Junior CollegeDB2 Grades
Alvina ChikNanyang Junior CollegeSA5 Grades
Tan Yan Xiong TrevorTemasek Junior CollegeDB2 Grades
Sarah Foo Phey ShinRaffles InstitutionEB3 Grades
Poh Lin WeiRaffles InstitutionCB1 Grade
Ho Zhong HngPrivate CandidateDB2 Grades
Lam Rui HanHwa Chong InstitutionDA3 Grades
Clarice LeeRaffles InstitutionCB1 Grade
Puah Yuu ShuenAnglo-Chinese Junior CollegeDB2 Grades
Toh Heng Yi LucasNational Junior CollegeBA1 Grade
Lee Jun Peng NicholasVictoria Junior CollegeEB3 Grades
Francesca AngAnderson Serangoon Junior CollegeEB3 Grades
Maurice Cheng Jun KeatTampines Meridian Junior CollegeDB2 Grades
Chia Yu QiSt. Andrew’s Junior CollegeCB1 Grade
Pranav Krishna PrasadSt. Andrew’s Junior CollegeEB3 Grades
Ho Jun Hao KennethSt. Andrew’s Junior CollegeEB3 Grades
Nicole Soon Yi YinSt. Andrew’s Junior CollegeEB3 Grades
Jasveena GayaRaffles InstitutionDA3 Grades
Ngieng Min HuiYishun Innova Junior CollegeSB4 Grades
Varsha D/O MuthayahJurong Pioneer Junior CollegeSB4 Grades
Varija D/O MuthayahAnderson Serangoon Junior CollegeSA5 Grades