A Personal Letter From Former MOE Subject Head Mr Edwin Edangelus Cheng To All Concerned Parents

Your Child Can Excel For PSLE English With The Right Teaching Approach!

Dear Parents, I’m Edwin Edangelus Cheng, Founder and Principal of EduEdge Learning Hub.

My team and I specialise in transforming the English grades of struggling students quickly and in time for their crucial PSLE exam papers.

Here at EduEdge, 3 out of 4 students improve by 2 Grades or more and 8/10 students achieve their A / A* For PSLE English!

Before founding EduEdge to help students master English easily, I was a school-appointed Head of Department (English), as well as an MOE-appointed Subject Head (Curriculum Innovation). 

My specialisation is in making learning more engaging and effective for students.

My unique method of learning English using Formulas has been so successful in helping students achieve remarkable improvements that they have been featured across various media such as Singapore Motherhood, The Asian Parent , The New Age Parent, our national papers (Straits Times) and national radio (93.8 Live).

Here at EduEdge, we are the English Language Specialists.

What this means is that because we focus on ONE subject only, we have a deep mastery and understanding of how English should be taught.

The end result? We have developed effective exam techniques that are not just easy-to-apply but have proven to help students ace their English exams. 

Using our unique “Formula-Style” method of teaching and learning English, our team of Language Specialists has helped over 1,800 students from all over Singapore to jump 1-2 grades for English, even if they were not ‘language’ type of students and had been consistently stuck with low B / C grades before joining our programme.

If Your Child Is Struggling With English, It’s Not Their Fault!

From the thousands of students whom I’ve taught, in almost every case when students struggle in English, it was because they were not taught using an easy-to-learn, structured methodology.

From my 15 years of teaching thousands of students from many different schools, and my in-depth research experience, I was able to identify the major difficulties and challenges students regularly face when learning English.

Complex Language Learning

Unlike other logic-based subjects like Math and Science that you can learn based on well-defined parameters, English is a language that is very fluid and flexible. So it’s a lot more complex than learning Math or Science. 


Because it’s so fluid and complex without a clear, easy-to-understand structure, most students find it very hard to study for it. So parents often end up with the misconception that it comes down to their child’s “natural talent” to do well in English. (This is absolutely wrong!)

More Demanding syllabus

The new syllabus being taught in schools is vastly different from the old one and is a lot more challenging. Many students who scored A or even A* in PSLE suddenly struggle when they go to secondary school. And even English-speaking parents don’t know how to help their children because it’s so different from what they have learnt before.

Huge Disadvantage

Students from non-English speaking families have a huge disadvantage as they have to adopt the right grammar, sentence structures, vocabulary and many other important elements of the English Language.

Because they’re so used to thinking and speaking in their Mother Tongue, this makes it even more challenging for them.

Unstructured Way

Worse, there’s no standardised, systematic and structured way to teach English. While schools may be following the same curriculum, one school can be teaching English one way, another school can be teaching English in a very different way. Even teachers within the same school often teach English very differently from each other.

Limited Approach

Students are not acquiring the important skills which are crucial for language success.

Grammar, Vocabulary, Writing, Reading, Listening, Speaking and Critical Thinking skills are not properly taught nor covered with students.

Most other centres or programmes simply just focus on drilling students with past year exam papers, which is an extremely limited approach if students do not have a strong language foundation or the right techniques.

Feedback & Guidance

Students have very little, if any at all, customised, constructive feedback and guidance from teachers.

I spent many months carefully analysing English essays and Term Papers written by students who scored Distinctions. I examined the similarities in how they wrote their essays and analysed their patterns.

My hard work paid off and revealed some surprising secrets!

After years of intensive research, I managed to “crack the code” and developed a formula-style approach to learning English faster and getting distinctions in English papers.

And this formula-style method of learning English is so easy to learn and apply, that even the weakest students can experience a significant improvement within a short time.

I call this revolutionary, formula-style method the “Total English Mastery System (TEMS)”.

The EduEdge “Total English Mastery System™” To Learn English Step-By-Step, Just Like Math Or Science.

With EduEdge’s “Total English Mastery System™” (TEMS), any student will be able to learn English faster and more effectively, and score higher in their exams.

TEMS has helped more than 1,800 students improved at least 2-3 grades in their exams to scoring B’s & A’s, even when they used to struggle in English badly.

What most parents don’t realise is, the English Syllabus comprises 6 core skills (inner ring): Vocabulary, Grammar, Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.

These core skills may be further divided into 32 sub-skills (the multi-coloured spokes).

By analysing top students’ thinking patterns and how they approach the different paper components of the English exam, we have eventually mapped out a specific formula for each of the 32 sub-skills.

All students, including your child, can use and apply these formulas even if they are currently struggling with English right now.

Using this system, learning English becomes much more systematic & structured, and scoring well in exams is much easier and more predictable.

This is why many students and parents are raving that EduEdge is the Right English programme for them.


Parents, if your child is in Primary 4 to 6 this year and needs help scoring for their PSLE English, do come to speak to us immediately.

English is a subject that takes time to improve – So do not wait until there’s very little time left for your child to catch up.

You already know that how well your child performs for PSLE English will directly affect which Secondary School they can enter.

On top of that, unlike the old PSLE T-Score system where the computation is a ‘basket of subjects’, your child now needs to perform well for each individual subject, including English, under the new PSLE Achievement Levels (ALs) scoring system. 

This means that they cannot just rely on their other subjects to pull up their grades.

Give your child the advantage they need to excel with the support of our high-quality teaching that you won’t find anywhere else, 

So that they can improve quickly and achieve their distinctions for English! 

See you at EduEdge soon! 

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