A Personal Letter From Former MOE-HOD Mr. Edwin Cheng To All JC Students & Concerned Parents:

A-Level GP Is Unlike Any English Subject You’ve Tackled Before – Here’s How To Make The Subject Easy And Achieve Your A’s.

Dear Parents, I’m Edwin Edangelus Cheng, Founder and Principal of EduEdge Learning Hub.

My team and I specialise in transforming the General Paper grades of struggling students quickly and in time for their crucial A-Level exams,

Before founding EduEdge to help students master English easily, I was a school-appointed Head of Department (English), as well as an MOE-appointed Subject Head (Curriculum Innovation).

My specialisation is in making learning more engaging and effective for students.

My unique method of learning English & GP using Formulas has been so successful in helping students achieve remarkable improvements that they have been featured across various media such as Singapore Motherhood, The Asian Parent , The New Age Parent, our national papers (Straits Times) and national radio (93.8 Live).

JC GP Is A Big Headache For Students… And It’s Not Surprising Why.

1) JC Life Is Extremely Hectic Compared To What Students Were Faced With Earlier – Keeping Up Is Tough.

It’s no big secret that the A-levels is one CRAZY academic rush. Students are forced to learn A LOT OF CONTENT very quickly and it’s a STEEP learning curve.

From having 6 years to prepare in Primary School, and 4 years to prepare in Secondary School… at the Junior College level, students effectively only have less than 2 years (Just 1 year & 8 months to be exact) of preparation time before their A-Levels 

This makes the A-Levels the MOST intense academic period of any student’s life – 

And 100% of JC students feel the pressure. The story is the same when you talk to any JC student – Keeping up is really tough!

On top of that, the complexity and rigour of the subjects are much higher compared to what students were used to previously. Even students who scored well in their O-Levels find it hard to cope with their A-Levels.

2) Just Being Good In English Doesn’t Mean Good GP Grades – It’s An Entirely Different Subject. 

For the first time in their academic lives, students are introduced to the new subject of GP – and while it counts as an English-related subject, it goes so much deeper, and is so much harder to score for. 

Simply being good in English and having a strong command of the language is not good enough to do well in GP.

The GP subject tests students on multiple components, including depth of thought, worldview, critical thinking, and many others. 

Because students are unfamiliar with the subject and its requirements, they struggle to score and grasp the subject.

3) Scoring Well For GP Is Extremely Important For University Admission 

As a compulsory H1 subject for the A-Level examinations, GP is crucial for every student’s university admission score. Due to the fact that it is compulsory, students have to be able to score for it, or risk getting their overall scores pulled down – Which is a huge pity if they did well in their other subjects. There are unfortunate cases of students who score ‘A’ for their Maths and Sciences, but score poorly for their GP and are unable to get into a course of their choice. 

Good GP is a prerequisite for many of the popular university courses, and many of them like mass-com, marketing, or business require at least a ‘B’ for GP. 

Many Students Find Themselves Having These Common Challenges With GP

General Challenges

  • School teachers are saying things that the students are unable to understand,
  • Students are taught answering structures that they do not understand, so they end up blindly following but are unable to apply correctly.
  • In JC, there is an emphasis on independent learning, so students are expected to learn and study independently. This also means that they are “left to their own devices”, and when they are lost / do not know what to do, they are unable to find the right support 
  • Feedback on work done is very vague, so students don’t know what areas to improve in.
  • Feedback given to students from various sources can be conflicting and confuse them further
  • Time management is a big challenge – Many students face challenges completing their paper on time

Paper 1

The paper 1 format is an essay where students pick 1 out of 12 questions to write about.

A big mistake that students make is that they tend to choose topics based on their preference / think that they know more about.

They do not realise that certain questions are actually easier to tackle and score.

This is why one of the first things we do is teach students the right answering structures to tackle any question types, and how to apply this to any theme or topic.

Paper 2

Paper 2 consists of their Reading Comprehension, Summary, and the Application Question.

In this section, students face issues explaining complex language and the literary devices involved. 

They get overloaded by complex content, and do not know what to do with the information.

They are also unable to paraphrase well in their summary component. 

On top of that, for the local GP paper, students are required to link what the writer has said with the local Singapore context, and bring in key points from the passage. 

This requires them to be aware of local current events.

As you can see, doing well in GP requires a student to not only have a strong command of the English Language, it requires a deep level of thinking and information sorting ability.

This is what we’ve structured the GP programme here at EduEdge around so that this complicated subject becomes simple for students to tackle. (There’s a lot that they need to do!)

At EduEdge, Here’s How We’ve Developed Our JC GP Programme Specifically To Make GP Easy!

For GP students who work hard to improve your performance but continue to receive mediocre grades for each assignment, here’s how we can help you:


At EduEdge, students are introduced to skills in a step-by-step manner using formula-style strategies. ANY student can apply these strategies immediately to see significant grade improvements for all Paper Components of the General Paper. This means that students can FINALLY find GP to be a subject which is learnable, understandable and doable just like Maths or Science!


We recognise that each individual student comes with unique needs and learn at their own pace. As such, we ensure that each student has a personalised roadmap to help them tackle the subject. The feedback is specific and customised to each student, so it is not vague and they know exactly what areas they need to work on.


In school, students sit in lectures and learn in a group setting.  At EduEdge, students are made to engage and discuss, work in groups, work in pairs, engage in lively debates and discussions. 

We encourage students to share their opinions with others to broaden their worldview and master communication of ideas in both the written as well as spoken forms. This is extremely crucial and directly translates into how students tackle and score for GP questions. 

On Top Of That…

You’ll Also Have Access To Our:


to help students familiarise with exam topics, identify question requirements and answering standards


to provide students with specific bite-sized and relevant content examples for specific essay questions and topics


to help students match understand what exam markers are looking for


to help students attend sessions amidst a hectic JC schedule

Through our A-Level GP Programme, You’ll Learn How To:

Understand the exact requirements of the question and answer systematically without going out of point.

Brainstorm ideas from different perspectives easily and quickly for a balanced argument.

Structure your paragraphs, organise your thoughts and elaborate on points with ease.

Make your arguments more coherent and persuasive.

Incorporate relevant examples at appropriate parts of your argument to sufficiently support your stand. (No more memorising content just for the sake of memorising)

Pick out the correct clues and points from the comprehension passage to provide accurate and complete answers, especially for the Application Question (AQ).

Exam strategies to maximise the limited time in the exam, especially for Paper 2.

Be more productive and effective when studying GP because all the relevant content and how they should be strategically used in essays and AQ have been summarised into bite-sized portions for ease of reference.

Overcome your psychological barriers and feel confident on the day of the exams for Papers 1 & 2.

And ultimately, achieve your A for JC GP!

Using EduEdge’s unique techniques and strategies, 82.7% of Our Students Achieved A / B For Their A-Level GP!

Stressed Out And Feeling Like You Can’t Cope With GP? Our GP Language Specialists Are Here to Give You Personal Attention and Support.